Monday, August 18, 2008

Madison's 1st bath

She slept through most of it! LOL! I think we just caught her at a good time! Hopefully she continues to love the water!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sleep ALL Day and PARTY All Night!!!!!

Madison loves to sleep all day and be VERY awake at night. LOL!

Nursing isn't going as well as I thought. She isn't a good latcher and falls asleep while eating. So I pump/bottle feed her and give enfamil. Other than keeping us up all night (which I know is normal for newborns) she is a very good baby. The c section wasn't too bad. The first couple of days sucked getting up and down. I am a bit sore still when the pain meds wear off, but it is o.k.

It is so good to be home though! We stayed at the hospital much longer than expected.

I have been meaning to post my birth story-

I went in Thursday night to get a foley balloon (dilates you to 4 cm). Then Friday morning at around 10 when I finally reached 4 cm, they started pitocin. I was on it all day and not making any progress, so they took me off it and allowed me to eat dinner. Then around 8 pm I went back on it and continued the pitocin all night. So Thursday night and Friday night I didn't sleep hardly any. The nurses had to come in every half hour to do blood pressure checks and then when I was on pitocin they had to up it and check the fetal monitors. Oh, and getting up to go to the bathroom that was fun being hooked up to the IV and having to undo the monitor belt plugs. Then Saturday morning still no progress. I got of the pitocin again and ate lunch. Then they finally broke my water. Contractions were getting stronger, but still no progress. I got so puffy from all the pitocin and at this point I am so tired from not sleeping since Wednesday night. At around midnight I got the epidural- I was able to get some rest (no more bathroom trips- the catheter was great!) So Sunday morning came and that is when they decided I'd have to have a c section. That room was so scary (bright and huge lights) They prepped me and I still felt them when they were pinching me, so I wound up having to be put under. At this point I just wanted to be done. They keep you 72 hours for a c section, so Wednesday I got discharged finally. I was so glad when Wednesday came- I couldn't wait to get home.

So they don't know 100% sure why I didn't dilate and get really strong and good pattern contractions. It could be because of my half a uterus. Next baby should be much easier (will not be for a couple years!) :) they recommend just scheduling a c section even thought they usually recommend VBAC to most patients. They just think I will not labor well like this time. So I am very o.k with the c section again. I do not want to deal with that long labor process again. Anyway, she was worth it! I am just grateful I was able to get pregnant and carry full term. (A lot of women with endometriosis are infertile and my half a uterus could of caused me not to carry to 36 weeks) So even though I had low fluid, and a long labor/ delivery- my pregnancy was very good :) Sitting in the hospital (around Friday or Saturday) I think I was questioning if I'd do it again. LOL! Now, I think I still want 2 or 3. We will wait a bit though :) And as far as sleep- we still have yet to have a good night of sleep. LOL! Hopefully this will only last a few more weeks! :P

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Awwww- So CUTE! Daddy's Little Girl

Madison is 1 week old today!

Madison's 1st friend

Yesterday we had our friends Eric and Liesel over for a BBQ. They along with Dominic and Will are our 1st house guests since moving into our new home. Will is picture above with Madison- Will is 3 weeks old and Madison was 6 days old.

Madisons 1st outting

Off to the Dr for Jaundice and weight check. She spit up all over her first outfit just before leaving the house. I did manage to get a picture before :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Madison is Finally Here!

Madison Lynn Becker was born on Sunday August 3 2008 via c section. She was 5 lbs 12 oz. 19.49 in. long and very healthy. I had a very long labor and just wasn't dilating past 4 cm. That is why I had the c section. We are doing well just tired and sore. I am very puffy from all the pitocin being pumped into me for 2 days. We just got home today, I will update soon with her birth story.

Welcome to the family Madison! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!