Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Entryway and Kitchen Tile Day 3

Yesterday was a LONG day! I think I started a little after 10am, and JR was already measuring a cutting tile before that. We called it a day around 10pm.

We had a few little breaks and enjoyed a longer break for some pizza delivery. Thank you Papa Johns! I love their thin crust pineapple pizza. JR is a fan of the regular crust pepperoni.

So here is what we were up to yesterday.

Measuring the tiles that need to be cut.

The garage work area.

The lean mean tile cutting machine.

This is not fun! The tile is so much easier to get up than the linoleum.

Hi Jackson!

Hi Ginger!

Yay! Dinner break- 7pm

Hi Madison!

Back to work!

See that tile JR is kneeing on? I almost got that one up in one piece without breaking it! It would of beat my tile yesterday, but a corner broke.

This is what we will be working on tomorrow (today).

It will be an early day, since we are going to hang out with friends for New Years. I hope I am going to be able to move to play some Wii Games! Also, I hope we are able to stay up and see the ball drop!

So day 4 (today) Our goals are to finish ripping up the rest of the tile and linoleum in the kitchen. We have to move the fridge and remove the cabinets next to the fridge because there is old tile under them.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Entryway and Kitchen Tile Day 3 Part 1

Taking a quick break. I'll update with pictures soon!

All I have to say is My back hurts, my muscels hurt, and my head shakes from left to right, left to right!

Ahhhh, it's hard work to make things beautiful!!

I think we will be ordering pizza tonight!

And some good news! There is a definite break tomorrow night! We will be spending New Years Eve with friends. Dinner and a game night sounds like so much fun! It will be nice to get out of the house too! My allergies aren't loving all this dust and debris.

Ta Ta for now! Back to work!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Entryway and Kitchen Floor --Day 2--

Day 2- Yippe! One day down and a few more to go!

JR did a dry run and layed out the tiles to make sure he knew exactly where to lay them so they would all be even. There are some on the outside that we will have to cut.
After all the full tiles were down, he drew a line along the edge so we knew where to start.

Trying out the self timer and trying to look busy! :O)

With the flash, you can see all the mortar we have to clean up. We tryed to get most of it off as we went.
Without the flash.
Out with the old and in with the new.
Jackson wanted to check things out.
On to the kitchen while the entryway drys for 24 hours.

This looks kinda familiar...........

Hmmmm........ I know I have seen this before....

Bye Bye Kitchen Floor!

Oh Yeah! We totally copied Dexter!


Just one more for fun!

Ok, back to work!

Fun Times!

I pulled up the biggest tile! Whoot Hoo!

My work area. The garden pad was a life saver!!

The beautiful (haha) linoleum that we found under the tile.

Our biggest tiles of the day! Notice I won!! :O)

That section is almost done! Tomorrow we get to pull up the rest of the linoleum that didn't come up with the tile. This is the hardest part.

This is the way we clean our mess.... This is the way we clean our mess.... So late in the evening!

Another picture for me! :O)

Day 2- DONE!

Day 3 (tomorrow) We need to pull up the linoleum in the kitchen, measure and cut the tiles for the entryway, lay those down, maybe grout the ones that are dry, and rip up the tiles on the other side of the kitchen. We will see what we get done!