Monday, April 27, 2009

My Tulips

I cut them for inside to enjoy before they die, They are so pretty, I wish they lasted more than a month.

I Almost Forgot!

This weekend we also installed Madison's big girl carseat in the car. Madison wanted to try it out before we put it in the car. I am on the look out for a good deal on a second car seat for the truck. Let me know if anyone has any recommendations. I got this Britax brand new on ebay at a very good price, no tax, free shipping , plus 30% off from I want the spare to be around $100.

Why Did I Buy Any Baby Toys?

Madison seems to prefer plants, the remote, or any type of cord. They are so much more fun!! :O)

Our toys-

The babies toys-

*~Weekend Recap~*

The weather was beautiful- mid 80's! This was a good thing because we had a ton of outdoor activities planned for this weekend! We also got a lot accomplished! I was able to finally get caught up on Madison's picture albums. I have my main album of her then I am doing one for her that is broken down into months. I was 3 months behind. I am so glad to check that off my list. I am going to do it monthly from now on!
We checked out 2 metro parks with our Friends Shersti, Matt, and Connor. We also worked some more on the patio. I have a great farmers tan from a walk I went on Thursday and working in the yard. Last but not least, we went through some of our junk- I mean treasures LOL- for a yard sale. Jr and I got rid of 4 big black bags of clothes we haven't worn in a while. When we moved here I got rid of A LOT of things. I guess I could of gotten rid of some more! I am really enjoying spring cleaning and getting ride of clutter in our lives. It feels great. I still have some more things to go through. We have a yard sale pile and an eBay pile. I am looking forward to tackling 3 huge boxes I have in the garage. I think it is pretty much all kitchen stuff. I haven't used anything in there for 2 years, and I am sure I can get rid of most of it. We also have a spare room full of random items that we decided to make that room their home. Again, stuff that we haven't used or need will be gone!

Weekend Pictures

We went to Cox Arboretum MetroPark.

This bridge is a replica of Claude Monet's painting of the Japanese foot-bridge over the water-lily pond in Giverny.

Ohio's Largest Native Butterfly House. This opens in June. You can see anywhere from 200-400 butterflies in there. We will have to go back and check it out.

Madison and Connor hanging out.

On the buggy ride

This has to be fun to cut this grass!

Later on we went to dinner.

Waiting for our SAKE chef.

Saturday we had a picnic with friends and went for a nature walk. We were going to go with a tour guide, but we decided to explore nature on our own.

Patio Update-

Saturday we had to dig a deeper base so we can fit all the gravel and sand it it to make it level. On Sunday we put the gravel in, but we need another load and they were closed. We hope to finish the adding the gravel and sand this week. Then, next weekend it should really start looking like a patio when we add the pavers stones!

Yard Sale Stuff! I will be adding much more!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

100% Recycled Aluminum

Get a free roll of Reynolds Wrap

(Sorry- you'll have to copy and paste the link, I can't figure out the link tool)

Happy Earth Day!!!

It's Earth day! Take some time today to enjoy and celebrate Mother Nature. Madison and I are going to go for a walk today if the rain holds off. Tomorrow we are going to meet some friends at a park. We will take in the beauty of Mother Nature, her wonderful creations and give thanks to God for creating it for us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Very True

Madison is a crawling pro now and she loves to explore. I am working on balancing my day to get everything done I need to accomplish while making sure Madison is happy and safe. She is pretty good at playing on her own and entertaining herself- (I am watching her right now and sneaking in a second to check email and blog).

I can't just put her in her pack and play anymore or jumperoo ANYTIME that I want and do things I have to do like showering, cleaning, laundry, exercise, ect.

She wants to be on the go now and not TRAPED somewhere. I can't say that I blame her. The world is a pretty exciting place, and I'd want to explore it too. Even though I have baby proofed pretty much all her of her surroundings, I still can't just leave her unattended. I put one of those rubber bumper protectors on the fireplace and she keeps pulling it up to play with it. She also loves to play with plants. I have removed most of them from the ground, I just have a couple big pots I need to find another home for them so they don't get attached by the baby. Maybe I will try putting them in the kitchen today. We gated that part of the house off. Also Madison loves the pets and sometimes the dogs don't love her.

So I have to try and fit my daily chores into little time blocks. When I am in the kitchen, Madison is happy sitting in her high chair with a snack, drink, or toy.

During her morning nap my goal is to shower.

Some days are a bit overwhelming when it is 12:00 and I seem to have accomplished just feeding the baby and changing her diaper 3 times.

So, I want to share this. I received an email from Hobby Lobby and I noticed a quote in the weekly specials they sent me.

I am only one, but I am one. I can not do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I can not do interfere with what I can do.
Edward E. Hale

I am going to remember it isn't a big deal if I am behind on laundry or didn't get a chance to empty the dishwasher. Playing with Madison is more fun anyway!! :O)
I will eventually get the dishes done sometime today. I have to move that plant right now, and wash Madisons hands. She also loves playing with dirt.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Madison and Her Lion

Madison's Chair

Madison loves her chair.

2 teeth now!

Flowers In Bloom!

We are planting these on the side of the house.

Madison LOVES the water!

Patio update

Grass is all up, now we just have to level, put down some sand, then the stones.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Title

It has taken me almost a year, but I finally came up with a "Blog Title" :O)

Since this blog was mostly for Madison (Sugar, spice, and everything nice). That is how I came up with that part.

But, this just isn't a "mommy blog" I also want to spice it up a bit with other things that I come across and want to share. (recipes, random things, house/ garden updates, our adventure, ect). Those are my other random ingredients that I am going to include in the blog.

Well, I just fed Madison and I think she is done marinating now. I am sure she has a nice poopy diaper for me to change! :O)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Wednesday!!

Yay! That means LOST is on tonight! I remembered this around 2 o'clock this afternoon and it make my day a bit more exciting!! LOL! This season is great!

What has Daniel Faraday been up to lately? I think we will get to see him tonight!

Backyard birds

I saw such a beautiful bird this morning. Anyone know what type he is? I love the blue and black combination- so pretty!

Patio project

This is our latest project, we want to extend the patio out back.

Here is a before picture.

We are using 16" Cobble Stone for the boarder and 16" Cobble Stone Quarters for the center. So this should keep us busy for a while. We are also making seating out of stone. First we have to dig up the grass and level off the area.