Friday, May 1, 2009

9 Month Pictures!

I know it is a few days early before Madiosn is officially 9 months old, but I had to share these right away. I can't believe she will be 9 months in 2 days! I feel like we just got her 6 month pictures taken.

They took us forever to get her 6 months back. It didn't help they had been in for a week, and the girl never called me. Plus, I think we took them like a week late. So I decided to make her a appt. a few days before to get them back while she is actually 9 months old. LOL! I was a bit bummed they put the copy right on the ones on the site. I used to be able to copy them without it being on the picture. That was one of the reasons I wanted to go there again. That and since I have the special membership that allows me to buy $4.99 sheets and get 1 8x10 free. Oh, well. I think I will be going some where eles for her one year pictures. You can get the idea still. I went with a beach theme, and Madison loved her bucket and shovel.

Here ya go!!

The winner was........ of course I had to choose the tooth shot!! :O) Well.. Unfortunately you can't see the teeth because of the darn copyright. Sorry Grandparents.... you will have to wait until you get your picture.

Out takes.....

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