Friday, May 1, 2009

Heroes Season Finale

An Invisible Thread

In my opinion it was a bit boring and an extremely disappointing season finale.

Sylar wanted to be the most powerful person on the planet. He needed to touch the President in order to shape-shift into him and become the most powerful. Well, I thought Sylar was already the most powerful person on the planet. Peter later saved the day.

Hiro risks his life to stop time one last time (his power was causing him to get nose bleeds) If he continued using his power, he would die. But, Hero always wants to save the world, so one last time he stops time just as Danko seeks to tranquilize Noah.

Peter and Nathan fight Sylar and Peter is left in the dust and leaves the hotel with Claire to find Nathan.

Sylar slits Nathan’s throat after flinging him back into the hotel after a mid-air battle.

Peter and Claire are unaware of their brother’s/ father's death.

Peter used the abilities absorbed through his fight with Sylar to shape-shift into the President. Sylar enters the limo as someone the president knows and they shake hands. In Sylar’s confusion during the handshake, Peter managed to tranquilize Sylar. Go Peter!! I think this was my favorite part of the finale.

Angela had a dream that involved Matt Parkman saving Nathan. They arrived too late on and Nathan already dead.

So instead of morning the death of Nathan they want to change Sylar into Nathan and live life as thou nothing ever happened. Hmmmm. This scene I actually had to rewind and watch 3 times. I got so lost to what was going on. I wasn't sure how Sylar just appeared back at the hotel with Peter and Claire not knowing what happened to Nathan.

Why couldn't they use Claire’s healing blood to save her father? It saved him before and him once and her other "dad" Noah. Nope that wasn't happening for some reason. Angela and Noah came up with a scheme in which they have Parkman sedate Sylar into permanently thinking he’s Nathan Petrelli. Yeah, that is a FANTASTIC idea. Lets keep Sylar alive! Perfect idea! What the heck are they thinking??

Now Nathan "Sylar" has a weird fascination with clocks. I think we will be seeing Sylar again very soon. I wonder what Claire and Peter will do when they find out the truth about Nathan next season. Angela and Noah are going to have to do some major explaining and apologizing to do if they want to ever gain the respect from their kids again.

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