Friday, June 19, 2009

I Need a Sign

Yesterday morning was so much fun! Not really. I need a sign that I can hang on my front door. Please don't ring the door bell when the baby is sleeping!

Well, I guess I should really say it wasn't the doorbells fault. The dogs are to really blame. But, the reason they were barking was because of the doorbell. This resulted in a very cranky baby. It wasn't just one of the nice cries, it was the shrieking screaming kind of cry. I really felt my blood pressure rising as went to sooth Madison back to sleep. Yeah right, she wasn't going back to sleep. I had a fun time getting her to nap the first time. I didn't actually get to see who was ringing. Madison's nap time is usually when I get to shower, so I wasn't about to answer the door half dressed. But they did leave a flier that was no use for us. Also thanks for waking up the baby!

I didn't actually get to take pictures right then, but this wasn't hard to recreate since Madison has been a bit cranky lately. Naps help though! Rocky and Jackson- Don't bark while the baby is napping!!


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