Thursday, September 24, 2009

Croc Nanook Women's Shoes- $13.49 plus FREE Shipping!

Hurry up, they are selling quick! Size up! The faux-fur lining in these ballerina flats make them run a bit small. For the best fit, they recommend ordering a size up.

I think these are one of the cutest crocs I have seen. I have never been a big fan of crocs. Although they are super comfortable, I used to wear the waterproof closed toe ones every day while I was dental assisting. They weren't pretty, but at least I never had sore feet.

If the link doesn't work, search for nanook on the croc site, and don't forget to use the code customerloyalty09 for 10% off and free shipping!!,default,pd.html?q=nanook

Thanks, Mama Cheaps!


Josh, Dana and Zachary said...

Oh, I love my croc sandals! Last summer when I got them I didnt even get the wear them because my feet were already swollen from my pregnancy....but this year I have literally worn them out! Thanks for sharing!

bagfashionista said...

thanks! I just ordered them. Hopefully they will be cute with black tights!