Monday, September 14, 2009

IKEA Goodies!

I received the new 2010 IKEA catalog in the mail a few weeks ago and had some things in mind for my wish list.

We were suppose to go to IKEA over Labor Day weekend, but were too tired after checking out the new outlet mall. JR was is a fantastic mood when he got home from work today (he usually is is a good mood) but, this was a particular good mood. He hates IKEA, but said to me "Hey lets go to IKEA this afternoon". Wow, did I hear that right? So of course I jumped right on that opportunity. This was the third or forth time we have been there. I always spot new things when I go. IKEA is kinda like a big shopping amusement park. They have tons and tons of little attractions "rooms" set up. It is fantastic for getting ideas and window shopping. It is a different shopping experience, not a great place for people that like to go in and get out like JR. The store is one big maze where you have to follow these arrows and it takes you around the store- the whole store. You make your list of what you want or grab things you like on the way. Then if you want any big items you pick them up in the ware house at the end of the maze. Ah, I was in shopping heaven. I love my husband, I will have to make sure I give you extra kisses tonight :O)

Here are my goodies!
I love IKEA napkins, everytime I go I usually grab 3 packs. They are extra thick and I usually tear one in half and split it between me and JR.

Pillow cases for the couch pillows


Candles for the Lantern

Little vase. It looks very West Elm to me. I LOVE it!

This mirror was on my desktop wish list. I was keeping my out for one that was cheaper than $200. I had no clue I would find one at IKEA.

Mosaic mirror- Only $21.00! Whoot hoo!

Rocky being silly

Cute little table and chairs for Madison. I am going to paint it. Not sure yet what color.


Jessica said...

love you stuff! all of it!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the table and chairs!

Carolyn said...

great buys! love that mirror

MrsKBJ said...

Thanks ladies!

Jennifer- I will definatly post the "after pics" of the table and chairs!

Corin said...

Great stash! I LOVE Ikea.

Grammie Linda said...

I want to go please please. Love everything

MrsKBJ said...

When you visit we will go :O)