Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow is a BIG and exciting day!!

Yes, it is girls night!! But, I have some more exciting news about JR. You will have to stay tuned for this weekend! I also will have pictures to share.

Here are some hints.

1- He will be on a soft food diet for a few days. Yumm ice cream, yogurt and soup! :O)

2- Bling Bling!

3- Next year he will have one nice grill and I am not talking about cars or something you cook on.

4- I had it done 16 years ago!! Yikes!!

5- Soon after he will need an implant and I am not talking the same kind Pamela Anderson had/has??!! :O)

6- Flossing is going to be a ton of fun!!

Any ideas?? I think those hits were too easy!! :O)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enter Poppysnaps Boutique Givaway

Head on over to Poppysnaps Boutique right now to enter!

There will be 2 winners and the prize will be an item up to $35 in their Etsy Shop. To check out Poppysnaps visit..... HERE. Ends February 1st!!!

Here are just a few cute items that they make!
Baby hair clips


Cupcake oven mitts

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday, Happy Week!!

Yay for ladies nights! This Friday I am looking forward to seeing this.....

and having dessert and chatting with friends here.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are You Ready to Potty??!!

Well, Madison is not exactly potty ready yet or any time soon. But, the exciting news is that we are going to be learning some great tips next month that we can use when the potty training time does come.

I was selected to be a host for House Party Do the Potty Dance House Party.

So it will be more of a "Pre Potty Party," since most of Madison's friends are the same age. But, I do have a few Mommy friends that are starting to think about potty training or will be in the very near future, so I think it will be useful for everyone. I love learning and I think this should be a fun party to host as my first one. One of the great things about House Party is that they send you a box of goodies and freebies for your party to share with your guests. It should be a fun time!

Check out our little Potty Photo Shoot :O)

DIY Chalkboard Frame and a Few Thrifty Finds

I was feeling crafty and this project has been on my to do list for a while now. So Madison and I took a ride to Goodwill in search of the perfect frame for my project.

I did a little happy dance when I saw the perfect frame. I scooped it up and was excited to get working on my new project.




I still need to buy some chalk. I can't wait to use the chalkboard to plan our menu for the week and use it for our to do list.

Check out these other amazing frame chalkboards.

This chalkboard belongs to Holly from Life in the Fun Lane. I love the idea of writing fun little saying and quotes on the chalkboard too.
I found this one on b*spoke blog while looking for inspiration frames. I love the detail that is on the corners of the frame.
You can also use an old mirror. I saw this cute little guy on the blog Southern Hospitality.
Just a Warning!! Chalkboard paint is highly addictive!! lol! You will be searching all over your home and looking at things different and wondering if you can turn them into a chalkboard. I had to restrain myself. But, I also did turn a bucket that also caught my eye when I bought my frame. I am going to use it on top of the fridge to store my chalk and eraser.



And a few more transformations.......

I was looking at something simular at Hobby Lobby. It was $20 and I didn't have my 40% coupon so I don't buy it. So when I saw this one for .99 I couldn't pass it up.




I am going to use this to organized my purfume on my dresser. Silver polish and some elbow grease makes this tray look like new.



The little birdy is from Target.

You can find some really great treasures at Goodwill, especially if you look at what they could be turned into. I don't like to make regular monthly trips though. We just dropped of a truck load of items this summer to donate and we don't want to accumulate more clutter. But, I do enjoy a good craft project every now and then. I find Goodwill very inspirational and easy on the pocketbook, so if I don't love it in 2 years I don't feel bad about donating it back.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ginger + Jackson = BBF

Yesterday I caught them sharing the water :O)

Bye Bye Snowman!

The Mantel Party....

Welcome to the party and welcome to my mantel!

I invite you to join me and the rest of the lovely ladies over at the linky party on the blog The Stories of A 2 Z. Click on the highlighted words or click on the image below. I can't wait to check out everyone else's mantel for inspiration ideas.

You say you don't have a mantel? Well, no problemo! You don't need a mantel to join in on the fun! You can decorate any type of flat surface you have in your home. Do you have a shelf? a bookcase? an entryway table? a coffee table? Well, there you have it- get decorating and join in on the fun!!

I love decorating and I like to think I have become better at it as I get older. I was looking at pictures of our first apartment the other day while organizing pictures and boy, oh, boy. What was I thinking??!! lol!! I don't know what was going on in my head, but we sure both had a big laugh over it. Fast forward 7 years later we finally have some sort of an idea of what we like and defiantly what we don't like.

My husband and I both love the ocean and since it isn't a hop, skip, and a jump away anymore, I love to incorporate that into our home. I love decorating with natural elements and white, green, and blue are so calming. I even love "shopping" right in our back yard. A few months ago I found a stick I loved so I spray painted it white and stuck it on a shelf. Check it out on the bottom shelf. See that jar on the coffee table below that? That is just a glass bottle I wash and repurposed for a decorating item. I just hot glued some rope I found in the garage around it. Simple and free.

Some people love to sit and cuddle up with a good romance novel, but for me decorating magazines and books are my number one choice.

These are some of my favorites and I have a few more I my wish list that I am drooling over.
This Domino decorating book is actually being used as a decoration right now on the mantel.

My Favorite Magazines.

Since I have been blogging, I also discovered a whole world of decorating, do it yourself, refinishing furniture, and craft blogs. I have too many favorites to list them all, but you can find my favorites in my blog list to the left. Checking them out defiantly are one on my favorite hobbies. They are a close second to my favorite mommy blogs!

I get bored easy, so I am always trying new things with my mantel and I love to switch and swap things out. Holidays are always a fun time and you can give your mantel/shelf/bookcase/coffee table a theme. But, for every day I love to keep it something like it is right now. This is my secret hiding place for items not up on the shelf at the moment. Madison hasn't tried to open it yet. Which is good. My husband also loves the ottoman to store game system remotes and controllers, and I also keep our throw blankets in there when they are not in use.

So there you have it! Hope you join the party too!!

Happy Weekend!! xo