Saturday, February 27, 2010

Say Cheese!!!

Here is Madison's 1 1/2 year picture. We went to Portrait Innovations today. This was the second time we have used them and will return in 6 months for her 2 yr pic. We first used them for her one year tutu picture. They have a great package deal for under for $9.95 which includes enough pictures for family. You only get one pose, but we picked our favorite. It is $15 for each additional sheet. We picked out one profile face picture for our photo wall. This is the only year that I will be getting a 1/2 year picture. Enjoy!! They will be in the mail this week!! xo

Potty Party!

You might remember this post about House Party. I wound up moving my Potty Party to my play group this past week instead of last Saturday. I always enjoy my play dates with friends and the party was a fun thing to do to change things up a bit, plus more friends were able to come to the party. We also had lunch and cake together. I forgot to take pics at during the party, but here are some pictures of getting ready for the party.

The Goodies!!
Overall, I'd say Houseparty is a good company. It was neat to get my party box in the mail and have the opportunity to share with friends. I was disappointed about the freebies that Huggies included. I wish they gave out free coupons instead of just $2 ones which I get all the time. They gave the host 1 free coupon, which I got a pack of pull ups to include a sample in the goody bags. I did have to get the boy version since we had boys and girls and it was the more gender neutral option. I wish they could of either included boy and girl samples or gave me 2 free coupons so I could get one of each. They also included a digital key chain which we had a little game to pick the door prize winner.

I wanted to include a book, so I found this cute one on amazon.

I also wanted to make a potty cake, so I got to play with this stuff for the first time.

Fondant is VERY messy!!! lol!!

After 5 attempts to get it right!! :O) It was going to have to do!!

Madison and her new Potty. We aren't trying to Potty train right now, but maybe when she is two this summer. I saw this cute Potty by Fisher Price on amazon for $13 and I knew Madison would love it. I keep in in our bathroom and she seems to know what it is for, but we aren't pushing anything right now. It may be months or a year before she is ready, but I wanted to at least introduce her to the potty.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Run Forest Run!!!!!

I have never been a big runner. I wish I did something fun in high school like track and field, but nope I wasn't very sporty. I tried out for basketball, but that didn't work out too well. I wish I did cheering, but I was too shy. I even regret never taking band or chorus. I wish I could sing, but nope I wasn't blessed with that. I'd also love to take dance lessons, but I will have to stick with zumba for now.

Well, it is never too late! No, I am not going to play basketball, buy a piano, or take a dance class. I have decided this year I am going to give running a try. I am lucky to live near a great air force base and it just so happens that the air force marathon is held here every year. If we move and I have not participated in this wonderful marathon I know I will regret it and will be so sorry I never did it. I am starting out with baby steps. I am not going to go all out and run the full or half. I am going to start with a 5K. Then maybe next year do a 10K. Who knows, maybe I will skip the 5K and do the 10K this year. My mom and I have planned to do it together, so I am looking forward to getting our metal together. (Everyone gets one- even the 5K runners) :O) I don't have many awards besides good grade awards from school, so this will be exciting!! :O)

I just bought this with some birthday money.

I learned about a neat running program for non runners like myself. It is called couch to 5K. You can read about it, just click HERE.

Wish me luck!!! :O)

Wicked Good!

I am looking forward to going to see this musical in a couple of weeks!!! We are going with a group of friends and it will be a really fun afternoon!!

It is one of the greatest musicals of all time and has won over 20 major awards including a three Tony’s and a Grammy. Wicked is a story about the witches of Oz mostly before Dorothy arrives arrives. You learn how Glinda became so good witch and how Elphelba became the Wicked Witch of the West. I read you will also learn how the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion came to exist as well!! I loved watching the Wizard of Oz when I was little. I have seen bits and pieces, I may have to netfix it and watch it before the show!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Week

We had a wonderful time with family visiting last week. We had lots of fun and the week went by way too fast. Madison loved playing with her cousins Maria and Conner, Aunt Nikkie, and Uncle Dan. We went to the Air Force Museum, Nikkie and I went to the movies and did a little shopping at a couple of my favorite stores including Hobby Lobby (now one of Nikkie's new favorites) while the boys babysat, went to zumba, played video games, went bowling, went to the aquarium, went out to eat to Dewey's Pizza, went to IKEA, played wii sports, played Mexican train, and watched a couple of movies at home. We had a really fun and exciting busy week!!

Here are a few pictures and a cute video I want to share.