Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Well, these little cards were suppose to me stuffed with Madison's 1 1/2 year pictures (we still haven't gotten them taken because she is sick), sealed and delivered to family by now.

I guess we will put them away for next year and mail her pictures out in a plain card. So family be on the look out in the hopefully near future for the pictures!! Madison's nose is still runny and her nose and cheeks are a bit chapped from wiping her nose so much, so we must let that heal before pictures. Plus, with the pink eye news we got yesterday, we sure want that to be gone before we take her to the picture place. Not to mention the wonderful mood she has been it -poor sick baby:( So yeah, we will wait a week or so for her to get back to her normal bubble self before we bring her in for a professional picture session.

So for now, you with have to enjoy our little valentine in our little home photo shoot we took today. The lightening wasn't the best, so we did the best with what we had.

A few Out takes

Our little above photo shoot lasted maybe 5 minutes before Madison threw her lolly pop on the floor. She must be sick if she is refusing a sucker!!

Yumm I don't know what tastes yummier boogies or the lolly! Sweet and Salty..... I likey!! LOL!

A quick nose blow before we started!

Remember this time last year?

We did get a new lolly this year, I promise it wasn't the same one :O)It is from the same place as last year- Target dollar bin!! :O)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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bagfashionista said...

LOL...yum..boogers! =p Very cute - love the comparison from this year to last

Isabel is congested too, and led to seepage through her of them swelled up and it looked like someone punched her in the face...oh yea, it's a great v-day photo!!