Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Week

We had a wonderful time with family visiting last week. We had lots of fun and the week went by way too fast. Madison loved playing with her cousins Maria and Conner, Aunt Nikkie, and Uncle Dan. We went to the Air Force Museum, Nikkie and I went to the movies and did a little shopping at a couple of my favorite stores including Hobby Lobby (now one of Nikkie's new favorites) while the boys babysat, went to zumba, played video games, went bowling, went to the aquarium, went out to eat to Dewey's Pizza, went to IKEA, played wii sports, played Mexican train, and watched a couple of movies at home. We had a really fun and exciting busy week!!

Here are a few pictures and a cute video I want to share.

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Amber said...

What a fun trip!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! SO cute!