Monday, February 22, 2010

Run Forest Run!!!!!

I have never been a big runner. I wish I did something fun in high school like track and field, but nope I wasn't very sporty. I tried out for basketball, but that didn't work out too well. I wish I did cheering, but I was too shy. I even regret never taking band or chorus. I wish I could sing, but nope I wasn't blessed with that. I'd also love to take dance lessons, but I will have to stick with zumba for now.

Well, it is never too late! No, I am not going to play basketball, buy a piano, or take a dance class. I have decided this year I am going to give running a try. I am lucky to live near a great air force base and it just so happens that the air force marathon is held here every year. If we move and I have not participated in this wonderful marathon I know I will regret it and will be so sorry I never did it. I am starting out with baby steps. I am not going to go all out and run the full or half. I am going to start with a 5K. Then maybe next year do a 10K. Who knows, maybe I will skip the 5K and do the 10K this year. My mom and I have planned to do it together, so I am looking forward to getting our metal together. (Everyone gets one- even the 5K runners) :O) I don't have many awards besides good grade awards from school, so this will be exciting!! :O)

I just bought this with some birthday money.

I learned about a neat running program for non runners like myself. It is called couch to 5K. You can read about it, just click HERE.

Wish me luck!!! :O)


Blondie's Journal said...

I just know you are going to do really well!! You sound excited about it and that is the first big step. I am not athletic at all, but I decided that this is the year that I am going to learn how to cross country ski (downhill skiing REALLY scares me) and we are going to get kayaks this summer.

I wish you all the luck in the world, my friend! :-)


Grammie Linda said...

I can hear you from a distance " run mommy run", as I'm a mile behind you. But I'm with ya....I'll give it my best shot

'Dee said...

Hey, the C25K is how I started, too! It's a great program, I was convinced I "couldn't run" but this helped me grow into being a runner and now I'm a big huge grouch if I can't run (whoops, unplanned side effect! LOL).

Just take your time and enjoy the journey. Go girl!

Lys said...

Way to go! Three years ago I thought running 5K was crazy. Last year I did the 10K at the USAF Marathon. (It's also nice to know that you don't have to run the entire distance.) I'm trying to decide what distance to do this year. Like that watch!