Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best Sippy in Our Home

We Madison has tried lots of different sippys in the past year (she started trying them out at around 6 months).

Madison a couple of months ago.
I have to say out of all the ones we Madison tried, I have to say this is my favorite. I like them because they......

#1- Don't leak (you have to make sure the hard plastic insert is on well) Once it fell out of the month piece and it did leak, but that was my fault).

#2- are BPA Free

#3- are Dishwasher safe

#4- are Super Cheap! I think they were $1.19 at Walmart.

These are the hard plastic inserts (on the left) that I was talking about above. As long as you push it in all the way they don't leak.
One of my old favorites was this one...... and this one.......
But, they leak after a while. Plus they are much more expensive then my new favorite. They use a soft plastic insert. It is hard to see from the picture, but they have a little slit in them and for some reason after normal use they started leaking.
I did buy a replacement pack, and that seemed to solve the problem. But, I don't want to have to buy them every couple of months. Especially since I can buy a couple of my new favorites for the same price as the replacement packs.
In the past week I have thrown away 3 of these type. I really liked these for when Madison was little because of the great grippy handles, but she chewed through the rubber mouth piece. I'd recommend these for a little one just starting out, but keep an eye on them after about a year of normal use.
Happy weekend everyone!!! Do something fun!!!! :O)


Nikkie Mac said...

oh sippy cups those where the days :)

Mrs. Dew said...

oh thanks!!! I was just looking at which ones I wanted to register for!

Janelle Anderson said...

Great info to share with everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

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