Sunday, March 21, 2010

*The Lettered Cottage* Mantel Mania

I have been featured on one of my favorite blogs, The Lettered Cottage. Layla was putting together some mantel pictures for a mantel mania post. She asked her readers if they have any mantel inspiration pictures to send them her way, and she wound up using ours along with other beautiful pictures from readers in her post.
I am so honored to be a part of her Mantel Mania post. If you missed her Mantel post you can see the introduction and Layla's mantel HERE. Part 1 can be found HERE, and part 2 can be found HERE. I actually haven't had a chance to read all of part 2 yet, I am looking forward to learning some great tips and looking at inspiration pictures from other readers and seeing before and after pictures.

Layla also just finished her first
ebook called Creating an Inspired Home.

I bought it and read it in one sitting. Layla and her husband Kevin are working on another book now. I can't wait to find out what that one will be about!!


Grammie Linda said...

You always make me proud of you. That is wonderful.

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great? Btw - your daughter is absolutely adorable with the Easter bunny!

Grammie Linda said...

are those the green bottles you found on the property yrs ago?