Monday, March 15, 2010

O Happy Day!!

I got a couple of pressies in the mail today!! Yay! I woke up sick, so this made me and will literally make me feel so much better!

Hello Vitamin C!! I have a little problem, I am addicted to grapefruit. I asked my stepmom, Maria next time her and my father go to Florida, please send me some yummy grapefruit! Well, today my wish was granted!! Thank you so much Dad and Maria!!
Check it out!! I am well stocked and can have grapefruit and oranges for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! Yummm!!
Grapefruit is one of Madison's favorite food as well! Unfortunately, I think that is how I caught her cold since we were sharing a grapefruit the other day and we used the same spoon. Oh, well!! Yumm! I look forward to eatting one after dinner!! Madison gets her own half and spoon this time!!
This also arrived today! it is wallpaper bead board that I am going to use for the back splash in the kitchen. It will be painted to match the walls.

And look!! Spring has SPRUNG!!


Janelle Anderson said...

You are so lucky! I LOVE GRAPEFRUITS TOO...and oranges especially right now because they are super delish!! I have to try your natural make-your-home-smell-awesome recipe!!!

Grammie Linda said...

Thanks for the citrus recipe for the house to smell good