Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of my new years resoultions.......

Well, I shouldn't really say it is a resolution. I have been working on this for for a few years, but really kicked it up a notch this year. I want to learn more about and become closer to the Lord. This year JR and I just aren't going to church, we joined a house church that is part of our church community. Growing up when I did go to church nothing ever really clicked. Now things are clicking and I actually am starting to understand more about Christianity.

I am excited to take a class they offer at church next month called The Basics. It is a 3 part class (during church- so we have daycare- YAY!) :O) Week #1- You learn about the cross and why the death and resurrection of Jesus is the most important thing you'll ever understand. Week #2- You learn about the bible. You learn how to navigate through the complexity of scriptures. Week #3- The Christan life- Basic instructions about christian living and have all your personal questions answered.

Our church,
Apex always posts the gathering sermons. I am going to be so sad when we move and can't see Rob preach. I am so glad I will be able to at least listen online HERE. (just click on the word "HERE" to download and listen any of them you'd like to hear). I HIGHLY recommend The Calling of Our Work. It was VERY good!!Click HERE

Meet Pastor Rob

Source- http://apexcommunity.org/are-you-new/introducing-jesus

See Rob dance and rap. :O)

Yeah, our church is great and so much fun! I highly recommend you check it out if you live or are ever passing through Ohio. Visit the apexcommunity.org for the address, and gathering times.

In house church we just finished a series on Evangelism and we are starting a new series next month which I am very excited about.
This is the book we will be using. Maybe I will post along the way and share and good points with you all! If anyone is interested is reading it too, you can buy the book on amazon for less than $10.

This little passage below was written by a friend of one of our house church leaders. I just wanted to share because it was really good.

I believe in a personal, real, knowable being, I call God. He is without beginning and without end. He is absolutely good and perfect in character, complete and exhaustive in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with absolute power, governing the universe he created. I believe God permits good and evil and because of this the humankind, who are created with eternal souls, experienced a separation from him because of evil and moral imperfection. God in his goodness created a way to bridge this separation through a personal relationship with him, brought about by the graciousness of his character. This is possible because God entered the world as a human long ago, suffered on behalf of humanity and overpowered the reality of death. When a human enters a real relationship with God, his spirit enters the person, producing a real change in the life, moral character, and outlook of individual. This change is part of the relationship between the human and the person of God. The result is a never ending, loving relationship that exists beyond death because the person lives with him forever. Those who do not have this relationship still live forever, but apart from the presence and reality of God, thereby existing in a place apart from goodness, love, and perfection; and in evil, suffering, and hate.

I hope everyone is enjoy the sunshine and having a great week!!

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