Monday, April 5, 2010


Most of the time I have had good experiences selling or buying things on craigslist.

On Friday I contacted a lady and spoke with her on the phone to buy this for $125. When we got there I was going to offer her $100.

She said it was her anniversary and she wasn't sure if we could pick it up that evening. I said Friday or Saturday would be fine for us. She said she would call me back in a half hour. Well 4 hours past and I called back and left a message on her phone. We were going to be in her neighborhood for church on Friday and wanted to stop and buy the play set before church if possible. Well, she never called back Friday or Saturday.

Geesh. I hate that. How rude!!!! This was the 2nd time I have had a bad craigslist experience. The 1st was when I bought a desk. (still working on painting it btw). Anyways, I gave up on the play set, figured she sold it to someone else even though I was the first person to call her.

Fast forward to this morning when I see the same listing for the play set and she bumped up the price to $175. You have to be kidding me!! I saw them last summer in the 100- 150 range. I bite my tongue and email her offering her $150. Haven't heard back yet. I am DONE with her and her play set. There will be more. I am guessing what happened is that she had a ton of people wanting to buy it at $125 and she didn't sell it to anyone (obviously) so she relisted it at a higher price. Oh, well. I am not going any higher than $150.

Hopefully we will come across another one. They are $500 new and I can't see spending that. Madison loves playing outside and climbing. She would have so much fun on this play set.
Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground

Some things I don't mind buying used and second hand. We have been able to save a few bucks doing so.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe $20. Saved $60 since they are $79 new.

Little Tikes chair. A few bucks from the thift store, I forget how much. It was under $5. I am guessing they are about $25 new.

Last year we scored this for $5.00 at a yard sale. Over $50 new.

We also bought a spare car seat for JR's truck for $10.00 (I don't have a picture right now) It is great condition, no car accidents, and after a washing was like brand new. Saved over $100. Not bad for something that is used maybe 6 times a year.

Last month I bought a hiking backpack so we can enjoy the great outdoors with Madison. I paid $50 for a like new Kelty backpack that would of cost about $200 brand new.

Fingers crossed for a good deal on a play set!!!! Also, please let me stay away from the Indian givers!!! I totally should of had that playset in our yard by now!! LOL!


Corin said...

Ugh! I know how you feel. I've been burned before, but luckily, more times than not, people come through. You will find that set! Just have some patience.

Grammie Linda said...

Well said Corin!!, you will find another.. There is a reason for everything, that one was not ment to be in your back yard..xo

Liesel said...

Man! Play group at your house would have been awesome. I really don't like Craigslist, I had way too many bad experiences last summer. Now I only look for things I really don't care if I find or not...