Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Madison and I had a fun time at playgroup this morning. My wonderful friend Abby hosted at her home and spoiled us with goodies. I think I am now addicted to lemon bars... so yummy!!! Madison is taking a nap so I thought I sit and check email and catch up on a few of my favorite blogs. Sorry for the lack of blogging this week! Nothing too exciting going on here this week. The weather has been beautiful, so we are trying to take advantage of that while we can. It is suppose to rain tomorrow and all weekend. Boo hoo! One of Madison's girlfriends is having her big 01 Birthday party on Saturday, so we will be hanging out with friends Saturday afternoon. I hope to get my chair project done this weekend since we will be stuck indoors. Fingers crossed. I have to do my spring cleaning too. I just haven't been in the mood! I love to clean, but I have just not been feeling it the last couple of weeks. I actually should tend to all the dishes in my sink right now from our dinner last night. We were in charge of making dinner for house church last night and didn't get home until after 9:30pm. Then we woke up this morning and off to play group!! So no time this morning. Must get those done before JR gets home. He actually just called..... I don't have to cook tonight whoot hoo! (We were going to have left overs anyways)I still have to do the dishes though!! LOL!! A friend of ours is moving, so there is a going away dinner for him. JR went to the going away lunch today too. Lucky Duck!! PF Changs here we come!! Yumm!!

Happy Thursday!!


Grammie Linda said...

Happy Earth day to you too!!!!I'm glad you put things on the back burner to have fun. If I could turn back.. Anyway Can't wait to see your chair project.Have fun tonight!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Earth Day Kelly!! You sure do have a busy life. I don't blame you for putting off spring are always running. And speaking of running, how is that going??

Can't wait to see what you are doing with the chair. We are supposed to have rain, too. Yuk.