Friday, April 9, 2010

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!!

This evening I did something I haven't done in a LONG time. Like in a couple years- too long!! I gave myself a proper mani/ pedi and painted my toes and finger nails. I usually paint my toes, just trim and paint them nothing special. I will let a few weeks go by give them another trim, not paint them for a few more weeks, ect. If we have a wedding to go to or a big event... time to paint them again. I have even been know a couple times to repaint them (the same color) without removing the old polish to cover the part that has grown if I am in a rush. I usually leave my fingers natural these days. I kinda got in that habit while dental assisting. I think I have painted my finger nails maybe 3 times in the past 3 years. I didn't want to paint my nails while I was pregnant because I read the chemicals aren't good for the baby. So I think my no paint habit kinda stuck especially for my finger nails. I need color on my toes for flip flop season though!! So all my nails were happy to get the proper care this evening. I trimmed, filed, shaped, pushed those cuticles back, and painted two coats. My keyboard is even happy to see something pretty for a change.

It is great how a new hair cut, painting your nails, or getting a new pair of shoes can make you feel so happy inside and pretty. I feel pretty maybe once a week. I haven't felt like my old self since I was about 28 weeks pregnant. I can't wait until I can wear my old jeans again, a cute bathing suit, and look in the mirror and like what I see. I gained 50 lbs while I was pregnant and the darn scale will not budge and take away the last 20lbs I need to lose. I am off the birth control pill. I REALLY think it was a bad idea to get back on it at 6 wks pp. I didn't nurse and didn't want to get pregnant again any time soon, so I thought that was the best thing to do. It is funny now that I think about it how fast I lost the 30 lbs and I did it in a month and a half. In 6 weeks. I didn't think of this until a few months ago. I wish I just let my body recover and not taken hormones to make my body think it was pregnant again. I really screwed up my system. I have been running Mon- Fri and I kinda like it. I am hoping this will work for me. I had a couple of days were I just didn't want to, but still did. One day where my sinuses and allergies didn't allow me too. Once I am at the gym I am good. Madison loves to play with the other kids too.

Wow...... bunny trail. Back to the TOPIC!

In high school I think I did my nails once maybe twice a week. I love to paint anything and everything and I even took a nail tech 6 week training course during college semesters one year. I never got into that business, but it was fun to learn and I did really well in the class because I had taken anatomy and physiology in college. So between that and my artistic ability the class was easy and I got a perfect score on everything and passed the boards with flying colors. I hated doing the acrylic nails because of up keep. I guess OPI was a bad brand to learn on and the others stay on much longer. They always lifted in about a week. Anyways, It was a fun time and I got to go into the fancy salon store and buy all my hair products, nail stuff, scissors, and I still have a huge box of really good bobby pins from like 8 years ago. I think I will have them for the rest of my life. Well, when I moved from Maine I didn't renew my nail tech license. I didn't care to buy expensive shampoo and products anymore. They were reasonable, like 50% off, but I learned what I like and just stick with that. It is easy to get sucked into a store like that and have to try all the new products and before you know it your bathroom cabinet looks like a drugstore and half the products you didn't care for. I use Jason Natural Products now. I love the Natural Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner. Most of the time I dont even need product in my hair.

Back to my nails. So I treated myself to a mani/ pedi. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing my nails. When I was at nail tech school I received my first semi real salon mani/ pedi. It was just me and another girl, so we had to practice on each other before clients. I hated it, I don't like random people touching my feet. I have only had 1 real salon pedicure and that was with my mom a couple of years ago. I think I was pregnant or just had Madison. I can't remember. It was ok. I am glad I treated my mom and we got pampered, but I prefer to do it myself and save $40.

SORRY!! Lots of rambling going on :O) So I will get to the goods. I LOVE this new color I picked up at the store yesterday. It is Sally Hansen's New Complete Salon Manicure in Choco- latte. I am not sure how it will look in a few days. But, I really like it so far. The brush is kinda flat, and it was easy to apply. I wanted a nude and the Coco- latte was perfect.

These are my favorite tools. I will defiantly be using them more. My poor nails have been so neglected for the past 2 years. Madison gets weekly nail trimmings on Friday, I am going to have to start penciling mine in too.

I love the crystal nail filers. I usually keep a small one in my purse. I also love the cuticle pusher and the cuticle trimmer. I only use the cuticle trimmer maybe 2 or 3 times a year. It came with my nail kit, so I just hang on to it. The cuticle trimmer was pretty scary at first. That was one of the worst things I hated doing while I was with a client. The others were removing foot calluses and doing foot massages. I also had to paint on a fake toe nail that a lady had to have removed. It actually looked really good and real. It was just funny and weird at the time.

So these are my tools.

Here is my collection, which is very sad that it isn't used more. I need to go through and see if any need to be tossed. I will add that to my list of things to do.

Here are my favorites

OPI- Pink Nightie

OPI- Cozu- Melted In The Sun

Sally Hansen- Choco- latte (the one I am wearing above)

This one I wore on my wedding day. I LOVE it! It is the prefect pink with just the right sparkle. It is almost 4 yrs old- Yikes!! It still looks good though!

OPI-Princesses Rule

Essie- Sugar Daddy

Essie- Lacy Not Racy

This is the color that has been on my toes for a good part of the last year. I love it, but it was time for a change.

I hope everyone has a fun and beautiful weekend!!!

I am looking forward to spending time with JR and Madison. Sticking around the house tomorrow and working on a project or maybe just watching TV and playing board games. Don't know yet.

Tomorrow night a few girlfriends and I are having a fondue party. Thanks Janice for putting it together!! Cheese, chocolate, pretzels, cheese cake, bananas, marshmallows, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, rice crispy treats, potato chips, and I am sure I am missing something. I do know that I will be eating light during the day and no dinner so I don't have to work out double next week!

The guys are having a game night and Madison will be sound asleep in her pack and play in a guest room at our friends house since it starts at 7:30 and that is just about her bed time.

On Sunday we start our first basics class at our church. It should be good. If you missed that post, and if you are looking for a wonderful church for those of you that live in our area. You can check it out. HERE.

Ta Ta for now!! P.s If you have time to paint your nails this weekend... do it!! You'll feel pretty... oh so pretty!! :O



Anonymous said...

I rarely do my nails too, it's just not practical with a little one. It never fails that I do them once I put him to bed and have to go back and get him for some reason with wet nails, ugh. I too am hanging on to the last 20 lbs and have really been in a funk lately that I can't seem to lose them. Bathing suit season is here and i'm totally self conscious.
Love that princesses rule color btw!

MrsKBJ said...

Anonymous- thanks for your comment and thanks for stopping by!

I really like jillians 30 day shred. You should check that out if you haven't already. Next week I am going to run and do the video everyday!

Good luck with your weight loss and make sure you get some me time too! :)

JanuskieZ said...

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Grammie Linda said...

hmmmm, I don't know where my comment went? But I wrote next time MY treat for a pampered pedicure, that felt soooooooooooooo good and relaxing. Does Madison want her nails or toe nails done yet?