Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Madison's 1st Art Work at Daycare

Madison goes to the YMCA daycare while I work out. She loves it and really enjoys playing with the other kids. Today she didn't want to leave because she was having so much fun coloring. She LOVES to color, so I don't blame her that she wanted to stay. But, she had to get home for her nap so she wouldn't be cranky for house church this evening!!

Here is Madison and her art work. She was VERY excited to hang it on the fridge and can't wait to show Daddy when he gets home.

Here is some art work Madison did this weekend with side walk chalk :O)

Ginger likes the glasses much better than bunny ears.


Nikkie Mac said...

Aww yay! Very nice! Ginger looks ready for the summer! the chalk work looks nice too lol :)

Grammie Linda said...

Wow, just beautiful, I have to get one of those fames you put pictures in for the refrig for Madisons hand drawing. We seen them some place but I forget where. Maybe A C Moore? Cool Dude Ginger Bread kitty!!!!!

Grammie Linda said...

PS I'll send you more chalk down that was yours, just came across it the other day too.LOL

Amber said...

OMG I wihs i oucl put sunglasses on my cat haha! And maddison look so cute!