Thursday, May 27, 2010

I did a HUGE boo boo yesterday!

I wish I could of put a band aid on it and it would of been all better. Unfortunately they don't make car band aids. I backed out of our driveway and hit a car yesterday. To make matters worse it is a friends car that we were watching for her while she is on vacation. We live close to the airport and we offered to drive her that way she can save on parking. It was just a little bump, but it doesn't matter, I still did it. Oh, man. It ruined my day and it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. I will feel better once it is fixed. We have been watching another car for a another friend while he is over seas and don't worry Don I am staying far far away!!

My neighbor usually has his mustang in the spot where I hit the car, and I have literally backed out of that space hundreds of times. It was like slow motion and it happened so quick at the same time. I literally almost threw up right there. I couldn't really eat anything all day and I still have that pit in my stomach. I was bawling when JR got home, as he thought I was hurt or something.

JR took a couple of pictures that I could email her. I felt a little better once I emailed her, but still I feel like such an idiot. I keep checking my email to see if she read the message yet and saw the pictures. This is the first time I have ever gotten into an accident. Nobody was hurt. I keep telling myself it could of been worse. I also feel so bad that we will be out of town when she picks her car back up so I can't tell her how sorry I am. If you are reading this Amanda, hi!!! I hope we are still friends, and just hand the bill over to us!! I hope you can enjoy the rest of your vacation. I really wish I could rewind my day yesterday and this never happened.

Here are the pictures that JR took. He think the pictures make it look worse. I am not so sure. I have a busy day since I didn't get much done yesterday except this.


bagfashionista said...

oh kelly --- all i see on the screen is a tiny scratch! i'm sure your friend won't freak out about it!

Danielle said...

oh girl that is nothing! my boyfriend's SIL once backed into my car and left a HUGE dent - like i couldn't open my door dent. her insurance covered it and i had a rental car and it was no big deal!

Corin said...

Awww, it's nothing! I thought it was going to be something crumpled. It's just a scratch. Don't worry, it was an accident.