Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Friday

Last Friday we went to Dining out at JR's work. Our babysitter took a group shot of us :O) We had a fun time!! I planned on taking more pics since the dinner was at the air force museum, but I forgot and this is all we have :O)

oh, wait.... Oh, I lied. I just remembered we did take more pics that night. Get excited!! We look pretty scary!! I got a run in my panty hose so JR and I pretended we were going to rob a bank. JR was impresses how smooth and nice the panty hose made his skin look. LOL!! Yeah, why the heck do you think us girls wear them! LOL!!

I think we need date nights more often!! We are going kinda crazy!! LOL!!

And just for fun. My new pretty hair cut I got today. It was so hot today I almost wanted to chop it all off!!


Nikkie Mac said...

Your hair cut looks great, looks yall had fun on your date night!

bagfashionista said...

omg - you guys are hilarious!!

love the men in their uniforms!

Corin said...

OMG! Those pictures made me LOL!

And don't you just love a fresh hair cut?!