Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need Fashion Help!! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

On Friday we are going to Dining Out. It is a Formal military dinner. JR is wearing a mesh dress which looks like this:

It also looks like it needs to be pressed.

3 yrs ago I bought a beautiful dress for dining out that I LOVE. Unfortunately, I can't zip the bust area. I went up a cup and a band size after having Madison. I LOVE it I am so sad it doesn't fit. One day it will fit again. Next Dining out it I will be wearing this dress.

I don't want to spend another $150 on a gown, so I have to work with what I have. I have asked JR twice to help me pick out a dress, and he hasn't been in the mood to watch me try on and model 5 or 6 dresses. So I will turn to my bloggy friends and facebook friends and family. Please help me!

Dress #1
Not my favorite to wear to dining out. I bought it last year 2 days before the event when I realized my other dress didn't fit. It was only $20 at T.J Maxx and I liked how I could wear it as a casual dress too. I just think it is a bit to casual for dining out. It worked last year and it need be I will wear it again. I got to wear flat and that was actually really comfy which was a plus.

I'd wear it with these flats.
Something I noticed last year what that lots of ladies wore shorter dresses, so I am hoping to wear one of these....

Dress #2

This dress I wore to my first dining out when JR went to OTS. I like it and I would coordinate with JR's outfit.

Not sure what shoes yet......
I am leaning towards these. They were my wedding shoes and are the only high heels I own. They hurt!! I have worn them a few times and I regret it within a few hrs. Good thing we are sitting most of the time.
Dress #3

Same as dress #2, but black and white. I found these at Target a few years ago and I have gotten lots of use out of them. The last time I wore this was to a wedding.
Dress #4

I bought this at Marshalls a few months ago and the tags are still on it. I love it and it was only $29.00. Maybe Friday is the day to break it out??
I love the zipper detail.
Which shoes?




So which combo should I go with? or None and buy a new dress?? I am leaning towards dress #2 or #4.

Thanks for your help!! xo

Madison says hello!!

Also, here is my first peony from my bush. It smells so good!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!


Nikkie Mac said...

I say dress number 4 with shoe number 2 all super cute dresses!!

MrsKBJ said...
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MrsKBJ said...

Thanks Nikkie! That is what I am leaning toward the most. I hate to buy another dress.

Corin said...

I like dress #4 w/ shoe #3. You can't get the original dress altered?

Blondie's Journal said...

I like the last dress with the last pair of shoes (forgot the numbers!!). I have the dress from Target with the circles. I have worn it to a couple of summer weddings. Everyone calls it The Target Dress!!

Have fun. A smile is the best thing you can wear!


Grammie Linda said...

dress 4 shoes 1, but all look good, don't wear shoes that hurt, your feet hurt your whole body hurts Have Fun wish I was there to watch my grandaughter

Jennifer said...

Dress #4. Shoes #3.

MrsKBJ said...

Thanks so much ladies!! I am going with #4 the little black dress and one of the black shoes!! :O)