Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun at Fort Drum Last Weekend!

Our our way home from Maine we thought it would be a good idea to break up our 19 hour drive and stop half way. It just so happens JR's sister Nikkie and her family live in upstate New York which is just about half way home. Dan is stationed at Fort Drum and it is a lovely little town. We were only there for 1 1/2 days this visit but, we had a ton of fun and did a lot in the short time we were there.

Friday Afternoon we went to our neice and nephew's softball game. Very exciting! All the kids did a great job!

Madison, JR, and Aunt Nikkie

Maria and Conner playing softball
Go Maria!!
Conner being silly!! :O)

Madison caught a ball!! :O)

Maria taught Madison how to ride a scooter.
Uncle JR and Conner

On Saturday we went on a boat tour of the 1000 Island Castles.

Boat Hotel

We were in Canada for a few minutes. It was my first time there.

We were able to take a tour of Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

The castle is beautiful. Here is the story behind this magnificent place.

"Boldt Castle , on Heart Island was to be the testimony of the unsurpassed love of a man for his wife. The magnificence of the structure was to be equalled only by George Boldt's adoration of Louise, who was the love of his life and reason for the construction of such an elaborate summer home. The finest of artists, craftsman, and materials were sought for the work which was well underway when tragedy struck. Mrs Boldt was dead, and a telegram arrived ordering all work to stop. Three hundred workmen dropped their tools and left the island never to return.The sculptures, Italian mantle pieces, imported tapestries, and fine furniture never reached their intended places in this ill-fated, melancholy mansion. Today, visitors wander in awe through the huge, empty rooms, imagining the luxury, splendor and gaiety that might have been."

These chairs were 100's of years old. I forgot the history that it was behind them, but they were pretty neat.

This tree picture reminds me of photograpy art. I think it looks like a "V."

Madison with Aunt Nikkie and Uncle Dan.

Madison and Conner having fun on the 4 wheeler!!


Jessica said...

Great pictures! Dano's pizza is the best! (tball shirt) I agree the Boldt Castle is gorgeous. I love Ft. Drum's Riverfest at Boldt Castle every year. It's so much fun!

Nikkie Mac said...

Super cute pictures. We had lots of fun we wish y'all lived closer!!

Grammie Linda said...

LOTS OF FUN and beautiful pictures