Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here are some pictures of JR filling the grog at dining out. and of JR's Golf work day.

He added prune juice and I think it was tequila.

Here is a little Grog back ground for those of you that haven't a clue to what it is. :O)

The Grog Bowl is a tradition to dining out. There are two grog bowls, one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. (All the groups did a little speech or comedy skit and then added some concoction to the grog bowls).

A trip to the grog bowl may be noted at any time by the President, Vice President, or any member of the mess. Members bring infractions to the attention of the President by raising a point of order. If the validity of the charge is questioned, members vote by tapping their spoons on the table.

When the President directs a violator to the grog bowl, the individual proceeds to the bowl promptly. The bowl is usually located on or near the Vice’s table. Upon arriving at the grog bowl, the violator does the following:

•Does an about face and salutes the President

•Does an about face to the bowl and fills the cup

•Does another about face and toasts the mess

•Drains the contents of the cup without removing it from the lips, then places it inverted on their head signifying it is empty.

•Does an about face, replaces the cup, about faces again, salutes the President, and returns to their seat. With the exception of the toast, "To the Mess," the violator is not permitted to speak during this process.

Golf Day at Work!

All the guys on the team each won a $25 gift certificate to Youngs Dairy for coming in last place.

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Jessica said...

The dreaded Grog!!! ahhh!! haha I had a cup of Grog 5 years ago (just 5 weeks after I had my second daughter) and ohhhhhh boy did I pay for that ONE cup later! lol