Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of fun planned for this weekend!

Tonight I am hosting my second Houseparty! You might remember my 1st one, it was a Huggies Pull Up's party. Part 1 is HERE. Part 2 is HERE. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures during the party. All my mommy friends and I got together at playgroup one week and had a little lunch party. We did the potty dance, learned some exciting and fun potty trivia and had a fun time just chatting and hanging out like a usual playgroup day.

Tonight's house party is even more exciting! I was selected to host a Hasbro game night!! I LOVE game nights!! :O)

What is House Party?
House Party is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like us. Each event is sponsored by a leading brands and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its favorite fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. Basically a House party lets you share the products you like with all your friends, free of charge! Companies love to promote these type of events because it spreads the word about their products.

What free stuff will you receive?
That all depends on the specific brand your throwing the party for. Each brand has their own unique Party Pack filled with all kinds of free stuff to make your party a success!

Would you like to get in on the fun too?
To get started simply go HERE to sign up and join the mailing list.
You will get party emails as they become avalible and you can pick the ones that you'd like to host. You just have to fill out a short application and in a couple of weeks you hopefully get an email saying you were selected for the party. I think I have signed up for 4 or 5 and I have been selected to do 2. But, I only sign up to the ones that I really want to host and that I think my friends would enjoy. After you sign up you can check out this page where you can see all the upcoming events. When applying for the different parties you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you’re a good fit for that particular House Party. That’s all folks! Super easy!! It is all FREE!! After you see a party you'd like to host, and fill out the application/ survey you just wait to see if you’re one of the lucky chosen that gets to host one of these FUN & FREE parties! Your box of goodies will arive about a week or so before your party day.

Here is what I recieved for my Hasbro Party.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


We are going to see The Phantom of the Opera Saturday and I am super excited!!


Grammie Linda said...

Looks like a fun fun weekend.Have a wonderful time and lots of laughs.

Lys said...

I'm so jealous about Phantom of the Opera. I've ALWAYS wanted to go see it.