Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Weekend Adventures

Last Weekend

Yummm..... Peanut Butter!

Madison Loves it!

She also loves to share :O)

We took some time to admire and smell the flowers......

After Madison went to bed JR and I enjoyed watching Avatar.

It was very good!!


We went to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery for Free!

More than 750 museums in all 50 states to offer free admission to military personnel and their families from Memorial Day, May 31, 2010, through Labor Day, September 6, 2010. If you are a military family,Check out what is free in your local area, click HERE.

We wound up getting free lunch too! They were doing the grand re-opening of the lodge and gave away pizza, water, Capri sun, the kids made a spider sandwich, a pudding, cookie, and banana treat, and they gave away free goodie bags.

I forgot to take food pics, but the spider sandwich was super cute. They had round cookie cutters to cut the bread into circles (they fed birds with the scrapes) and you put cream cheese between the bread. Pretzels were the legs and raisins were the eyes.

On the ride home, we got a real fruit slushy from Sonic. It was happy hour, so our whole afternoon adventure cost less than $2.00 since the discovery museum was free!! :O)

When we got home Madison took a nap and I picked some more flowers from the yard.

I love Spring/ Summer!!

Later that afternoon, Madison's friend Aden stopped by for a playdate. Our friends Abby and Patrick (Aden's mommy and daddy) had a date night. The kids and Abby and Patrick had a wonderful evening! Abby and Patrick spoiled us with cheesecake from the cheesecake factory when they got back. It was so yummy!! Thanks again A and P!!! :O)

Madison and Aden Played....

and played.....

and played.

They had a dinner and a movie date.

Then they did a little dancing.

I had to catch it on film. Too cute!!

After they danced, they thought they should end with a hug.

After dancing they played some more.

Then they decided it was time to read.

Then they took a little break on the bench. :O)

Thanks for hanging out with us Aden!! See you at Playgroup!!! :O)

xo, Madison


Another Fun Day!! :O)

JR made Madison a picnic table.

It just has to have the screws filled and the wood sealed.

Madison loved it!

Before dinner we checked out the garden.........

and watered some flowers and plants.

For dinner I tried a new recipe. I made Giada De Laurentiis turkey meatballs. They were yummy. (Click on the blue highlighted work for the recipe).
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the new week and do something fun! :O)



Nikkie Mac said...

Looks like a great weekend the picnic table is super cute!

Corin said...

Wow! Looks like you all had an awesome weekend! I adore the flowers and the picinic table! Madison is getting so big!

Grammie Linda said...

What a wonderful weekend!!!! Loved the video to cute

Grammie Linda said...
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Grammie Linda said...

Dinner looked yummy, when I come & visit could you make that, I love your sauce....