Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night

This is what our Friday night have become when Madison goes to bed, lol. Now off to play some super mario wii!!! :O)

Summer Fest 2010!

Today Madison and I met JR on base at Bass Lake to go hang out at Summer Fest. It is put together by his work building, so we met there for lunch and some fun. This was my second year going. The first year JR went alone because I was on bed rest when I was pregnant with Madison. Last year Madison LOVED it. There wasn't much of a kids area like last year, but we still had fun!

Here is last years post, if you missed it. Madison grew so much! Click HERE.

Madison was all about the playground. We had to check it out twice while we were there.

Hi Daddy! Come play on the playground with me and Mommy!!

Madison and I kicked a soccer ball in the hole. She won a bracelet.
Yumm!! I love snowcones!!

Yay!! Daddy!!

Silly Face!!!

All Done!! Next stop....... nap time!
Have a great weekend!! Do something Fun!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CSN Review

Remember this post?

It is time for my review for my items from
CSN! It was so hard to pick what to get!

After spending a fun filled 2 hours browsing their stores, (boy do they sell everything you can think of!!) I decided to go with some fun things for Madison. I was able to get two items for her.

I picked the
Melissa and Doug Pets Mix N' Match Wooden Peg Puzzle.

This puzzle arrived very quick! Madison LOVES it!! We own a few Melissa and Doug Puzzles and they are great. They are so much fun and educational. This puzzle is great because you match up the missing animal sections, but you can also mix and match them all and come up with fun combinations.

The other item I picked was the Bilibo.
This one took a little longer to arrive, it got here a couple days ago. I remember reading about these a while ago and it seemed like a fun toy kids would enjoy. Plus the age range is 2-7. So that is really good. They come in 6 fun bright colors- Green, Blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange. I picked the blue because it a great gender neutral color, plus it is one of my favorite colors.

What is a Bilibo? It is an award winning kids toy made in Switzerland. Bilibo is intended to inspire creativity and imaginative play. I love it because there are no small pieces with it and no batteries are a plus! I am excited to try a rope between the holes and take Madison snow sledding in our backyard this winter :O)

Check it out in action! I think Madison likes it and will be loved for years to come.

To learn more about Bilibo, click HERE.

Thank you Jessica and CSN Stores for this wonderful opportunity!!!

Poor Orchids

So I am not very good with keeping orchids alive. I bought one last year and I killed it. Last February I found 3 on clearance at Lowes, so I took them home to give them another shot. One of them is still doing great. The other 2 died last week. I am so glad I saved my receipt! Lowes and Home Depot have this awesome policy that all their plants have a one year guarantee or your money back.

I got my money back for the $14.49 one and a $5.00 one.

Then I bought this guy for $14.00 to replace the orchid that was on the coffee table. I love the pop of yellow.

Early Birthday Gifts

Madison loves fun jewelry. I found a couple of cute pieces at Claire's that are toddler safe and I wound up giving them to her early. The necklace and bracelet are so fun and bright!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recent Pictures- Summer Fun!

I hope everyone is having a fun filled summer!!
Madison and her buddy Lucas

I found a new "sticker" in the bathroom Mommy!

The other day we went to Toys R Us to use her $3 Birthday gift card we got in the mail. We found a $2.99 Nemo book that we were really excited about. We also had to get a lolly pop because the total was under $3.00. Last year we never used her gift card. It was $5 off $25.00 purchase. This one was perfect for getting a book and not having to spend over $25 to use your coupon. Madison liked the balloon, although the helium didn't last long in the heat.

Coloring Time!!

Apple Trees

I wish the bugs didn't get most of them.

Peach Tree- Almost Ripe!! This is the first summer we had these. The first summer nothing bloomed. last year a squirrel stole our one peach that we did get. This year we have a good amount!

Veggie garden. Our Tomato plants got a disease so will will not get many this year :( We bought a few more for the patio.

Madison loves to help pick the tomatoes. Ripe or unripe :O)

I can't believe Madison will be 2 next week!!