Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recent Pictures- Summer Fun!

I hope everyone is having a fun filled summer!!
Madison and her buddy Lucas

I found a new "sticker" in the bathroom Mommy!

The other day we went to Toys R Us to use her $3 Birthday gift card we got in the mail. We found a $2.99 Nemo book that we were really excited about. We also had to get a lolly pop because the total was under $3.00. Last year we never used her gift card. It was $5 off $25.00 purchase. This one was perfect for getting a book and not having to spend over $25 to use your coupon. Madison liked the balloon, although the helium didn't last long in the heat.

Coloring Time!!

Apple Trees

I wish the bugs didn't get most of them.

Peach Tree- Almost Ripe!! This is the first summer we had these. The first summer nothing bloomed. last year a squirrel stole our one peach that we did get. This year we have a good amount!

Veggie garden. Our Tomato plants got a disease so will will not get many this year :( We bought a few more for the patio.

Madison loves to help pick the tomatoes. Ripe or unripe :O)

I can't believe Madison will be 2 next week!!


julie said...

she's beautiful!

Corin said...

I love that "sticker" picture! Made me LOL! She's such a cutie.

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, love the sticker she found :)
Your garden looks great! None of my tomatoes are ripe yet.

Grammie Linda said...

A great helper you have. Sticker piture is so funny.LOL