Saturday, July 10, 2010

Say Cheese! Madison's 2 year Pictures

Today we went to Portrait Innovations for Madison's 2 year pictures. They have an awesome $9.95 package deal. It is just the right size that we need for us and to send to family. We did splurge on a family picture and a profile one of Madison. I can't believe in just 3 short weeks my baby will be two!

We actually didn't think we were going to be able to get any pictures today. Madison was fine when we got there, but once we were headed back to the room she was a totally different child. She was bawling and wouldn't let go of JR's leg. When we got her 18 month pictures she was fine. Poor thing. She has been going through a super cranky stage. She will not go in the daycare at church and she has been waking up 3-4 times a week in the middle of the night screaming. So there has been a few nights we slept on the couch and even more days which I would love to sneak a nap in during the day. I hope this passes soon.

Lesson of the day: Always carry bubbles.

Madison was ok with taking a family picture since we were right there next to her. The girls were so good and even got a little smile. Since the main reason we went was for the 2 year picture I was really bummed she wasn't going to stand/ sit alone. Then I spotting bubbles in with the props. I asked the assistant if she could blow the bubbles while the photographer shot pictures. Madison LOVES bubbles and it made her VERY happy and we actually were able to get a few non screaming, crying, clingy shots. Hopefully next year will be better!!


Mrs. Dew said...

awe these are precious! i can't believe she's almost 2 already!

Corin said...

She's such a big girl! These pics came out great!

I can't believe we don't have babies anymore :0(

Grammie Linda said...

Love the pictures... came out so adorable what a big girl my Miss Madison is getting to be xo Love the family photo

The Estes Family said...

She is adorable and so are you guys!!!

Jennifer said...

So cute!!! Thank goodness for bubbles! I love them!