Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Vacation!

Taking a little break..... We have family visiting tomorrow (JR's sister and family and also JR's Brother). Madison is going to be so excited to run around and play with her cousins for the next week.

I've got a house to clean, laundry to do and did I mention we have a water leak somewhere. Yeah. Fun. The plummer is coming sometime between noon and five. We live on a slab, so finding the pipe will be fun. Pray that it isn't in the kitchen. We just installed those tiles 8 months ago.

I am looking forward to my no Internet vacation. There is nothing is better than they way I grew up when there was no email, Internet, online forums, facebook, or myspace. I didn't own my first computer until college. Sometimes I wish I still didn't.... you can get so sucked into the cyber world so easy. I am looking forward to a simple life with less Internet week ahead.

We have lots of fun planned for this week!! Including Madison's Two year Birthday Party!! I hope everyone has a fun filled week as well!!

See you soon my friends!!

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Grammie Linda said...

Have a fun fun fun week baby........

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh have fun! I think I'm going to be taking a week off from the internet as well. We have one last trip ahead of us and need to get ready for school to start. A week with no internet sounds nice. You're right, it's so easy to get sucked in :)