Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carriage Hill Farm

While the boys went to the Football Hall of Fame my SIL Nikkie and I took the kids to a local farm, enjoyed some shopping, then met up with JR and Matthew later and went to a playground.

The boys stole my camera for pictures so I lugged our Cannon Rebel out. It takes great pictures! I need to learn how to properly use it. It is just so much easier to stick my small cannon in my purse.
Edit- It is also 3 times as hard to upload the pictures to Blogger from the rebel since I have to resize them all. There is a way to change the settings so they aren't as big. But, of course I wasn't sure how to do that. :O)

Auntie Nikkie and Madison petting the horse.

Beautiful Niece Maria

Handsome nephew Conner

Conner age 5, Madison age 2, and Maria age 6

Silly Faces!

We ended our fun filled day at a local playground.

Thank you for visit Nikkie, Dan, Matthew, Maria, and Conner!! We had a wonderful time and we can't wait to see you guys again!!!! xoxoxoxox

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Nikkie Mac said...

We had a great time, thank you guys!!!! Those pics are amazing!!