Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest Kitchen Project = FAIL!!

I have been wanting to tackle a kitchen backsplash for a while now. When we ripped out the old counter there was some spots on the wall were you could see where the old counter was. Our new counter doesn't go up as high up on the wall as the old one did, so it didn't cover all the imperfections. But, I didn't want to dump a ton of money since we will not be living here forever. We totally gutted the kitchen when we moved in. We found a great outlet store for all the cabinets and we installed everything ourselves. I would LOVE to do white subway tile to finish the backsplash, but the counter top is laminate from Home Depot, and I think the tile would look best with corian or granite. We went back and forth with putting in a nicer counter top, but we couldn't justify spending that kind of money when we will be moving in the next couple of years.

I LOVE this Subway tile backsplash!!! One day....*sigh*

I found this paintable beadboard wallpaper for $25 and I thought it would be perfect. I was going to paint it the same Behr Tea Green Paint color as the walls.
A couple of weekends ago JR spent a good part of Sunday putting the wallpaper up. It wasn't the kind that has glue on the back, you had to put contact cement on the back and the wall. It was a PITA (Pain in the A$#) to put up!!

I learned that "PITA" term when I was doing my dental rotations, lol. I saw it on the chart and I asked what does "Pita" Mean? Well, you learn something new everyday. I have to say I might of used that term a few times myself. :O)

Yesterday I went through and filled in all the seams to make them flat.

Yesterday I lightly sanded to make the seam smooth.

Then I taped off everything and then primed.

When I finished painted I checked it out and saw this little bubbling! I guess the glue wasnt completly adhered well enough to some parts? After the paint dried, it is flat again. But, I don't want to waste teh green paint only to have to rip it all out.

We are going to rent this home when we move, so it has to be done right. I don't want it to bubble and lift up 3 years from now. They sell the hard beadboard at Lowes/ Home Depot. Looks like we will try that next. What a PITA!!


julie said...

I love the look of beadboard. I don't even think you need to paint it green. I like the white!

Nikkie Mac said...

I agree i love beadboard and white would look great!

Grammie Linda said...