Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fisher Price House Party

I won another HouseParty and it was a perfect one for my playgroup since it was Fisher Price toys. We did it a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot to take pictures of the actually party :(

Fisher Price sent me a huge box filled with toys.

Madison thought it was Christmas!
The Loot

A few days later HouseParty sent me a box filled with goodie bags, tissue paper, fisher price product books, diaper samples, and a free shipping coupon.
All ready for my mommy friends.
Here is a small gift to share with my lovely blogger friends!

Use code HOUSE2010 for free shipping on any order on the fisher price website. Expires 10/31/10

I let Madison keep 1 toy. She picked the Laugh and Learn Kitchen.

4 lucky Mommy Friends left with one of these.

We had fun with a couple games.

We learned some new interesting fun facts about each other. I read them and the ladies had to guess who the person was. The winner was the mom that guessed the most correctly. I think we had 2 winners here.

Another game was to guess how many beans was in this jar.

We also had some yummy snacks.

Thanks Fisher Price and House Party!!

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