Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday was a big day!

Madison used the Potty for the first time!! Whooo hoo. Let the countdown to no diapers begin!

(I am sure she will be thrilled I am posting these pictures when she is in high school and her friends learn about our family blog). Of Course I plan to be still blogging in 12 years.

I have a little floor potty for her, but she never really showed to much interest in it. So we got the toilet one this week. I like it better since I don't have to deal with any pee or poop... hopefully :)

Yesterday Madison used the potty once. We will see what happens the rest of the week.

Earlier that day we went to the library to meet a friend for story time. It was great and will be making it a regular event. Next week is a Halloween Party. Should be fun!! :O)

This week's theme was Monkeys. The kids got to wear banana name tags and the librarian read a monkey book. The kids also sang and danced to a few songs including Little Monkeys on the Bed. Then we did a monkey craft. I will have to remember my camera next week for the Halloween Party.

Oh, at the beginning of story time the lady went around with dog puppet in a dog house and said hello to all the kids. Madison insisted in trying to figure out how it worked. She was trying to find the other end of the dog and tried really hard to pull it off the ladies arm and even tried put my hand on it to figure it out. The lady said she is going to be an engineer when she grows up, lol. Electrical engineer Daddy was proud.

It makes an awesome block holder. lol!

We even made an apple pie! Daddy came home to a apple pie baking in the oven.


Corin @ The Simple Life said...

Yay for Madison & the potty!

And that pie looks delish! Yum!

Grammie Linda said...

Yay for the big girl Miss Madison, so proud of you sweetie..xoxoxo