Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!! (and a moving/ not moving update for family/friends).

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has a fun filled holiday weekend with friends, family, and loved ones. Safe travels to those on the road or in the air!

I wanted to make these last year, but forgot to get candy corn during the Halloween season. This year I made sure we saved some!

We are headed over to spend today with friends. I think the kids will love these and even a few adults will too :O) I am in charge of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (which I made myself for the first time. It was super easy- only 3 ingredients- cranberries, orange juice, and sugar). I will also be bring over these guys.......

Here is a little update for family and friends (I think and hope family and friends read our blog) I am sure we will talk to parents on the phone today as well......

We will be staying in our home for another few years. JR graduates from his masters degree program on March 21, 2013. That's right it is his Birthday too!! :O) I am sure that day will be a great day!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful. A few weeks ago we found out JR didn't get the job in New Hampshire we hope he'd get. A couple of weeks ago we found out JR was accepted into a program here to get his masters degree. It turns out 1 day after he was accepted to school he also got a job in Mass that we were hoping and praying A LOT for after the NH job fell through. This would of been so awesome since we BOTH have family in ME and in NY. Long story short since he got orders for going to school first that takes preference. ONE DAY!! Yeah, JR tried very hard and even his boss- The Col called them to See if orders could be switched. Well, it is a no go. JR was under the impression that he could turn down the school if he didn't get his program, or if we got the Mass job. No way Jose. It was a sucky ducky week!!! He tried really hard.

But on the upside we LOVE Ohio. We have met and have been blessed with the most amazing friends here. Madison and I have a wonderful play group- I have the best mommy friends ever!! We have lots of fun activities that we do during the week. Mondays is tumbling class, on Tuesdays we go to story time at the library, once a month on Wednesdays we go to a special music gymboree, Thursdays are for playgroup, and soon she will be taking a kinder cooking class. I love how we have everything we could want here (minus family). We go to a wonderful church and a house church that we love. I feel comfortable here and it feels like home. I know what to expect and where to go when I become pregnant again. I felt really good at this military hospital. I worry about weird things like that, such as if we did move next year.... what if I were pregnant and then I would have to move and I can't finish my pregnancy here (where I know I am comfortable, know what to expect, ect). I am horrible with directions and I know how to get most places here on my own that I care to go to. LOL. It might be silly, but that is one thing I stress about when I move. lol!! I hate feeling/ getting lost. So if we just had all our family in our town this place would be perfect! There is so much to do and this area is really great. I guess this is one of the nicest Air Force Bases that we can be stationed at too.

JR was bummed about going back to school for a few minutes, but he is over it and I think he is actually excited. I think? He will not admit it, but I am sure he will be happy when the time comes. He didn't exactly get the program he wanted. He got Electrical Engineering (what he went to college for) he didn't want to get his masters in EE. He wanted to going more into the business area. This school is a great opportunity. The military is paying for him to go to school and he doesn't have to work while he goes. How sweet is that!?? He will get paid to go to school.

Another positive thing is that JR can continue his ortho treatment. If we moved, there was a possibility they would have to take off his braces since we weren't going to be near a military base. He will also be able to get his implant for his baby tooth that he had extracted a while ago.

So we are sad and happy all at the same time. We truly believe this is where we are suppose to be and this is God's plan. His plans are always better than ours in the end.

Thanks for reading our little update with our family. I hope things are going well with all of you as well!

I love this quote from Oprah......

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough...."

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends and family!!


Grammie Linda said...

Hope your Turkey day is wonderful and fun you all are in my heart here today. JUST ENJOY the journey of your life & kick those pebbles to the side so you don't fall. Your the bestest.......

Tom Watson said...

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