Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Chicago Adventures- November 2010

A couple of weekends ago we went to Chicago. It is such a beautiful city. We had a ton of fun!

I only wish I didn't take so many pictures, lol! It takes forever to sort through them and upload them to the blog, lol. I think that is why I have been putting it off.......

Day 1- Thursday

On the road..........


There was at least a 7 mile stretch of windmills. We have never seen so many on our lives! It was really neat.

Hello Chicago!

We gained an extra hour since we had a time change between states. It really messed with us on the way home on Sunday with the daylight savings time change and then going back to our normal time zone :O)

Finding and Checking into the hotel

JR got an awesome deal on This hotel is usually $300 a night. We only paid $89. Unfortunately, the Internet and fridge was extra, so opted not to use them. It was some outrageous price per day. We weren't in the room much, so it wasn't needed anyway.

View from the room.

That tall tower on the right is the NBC building.

We did lots of walking and site seeing. Even some bird watching.

First stop..... Navy Pier

It was really dead here. In the summer I bet it is really busy. Most everything was closed for the season.

Madison and I had fun with the mirrors. JR wasn't as impressed, lol.

It was crazy windy at the end of the strip. Like Madison could of blown away windy, so JR stayed back with her while I took some pictures. I could barely even hold the camera straight it was so windy.

Next stop..... Chicago Children's Museum

Thursday is family free day after 4pm. Yay!

While we were in there it started hailing and raining. It was nice to be indoors.

They were having a special music show and took your picture for free. They gave you the print, but this is a picture I took of it because I was too lazy to scan it.

We made cards. You got to leave yours and trade it with one someone else made or you can keep yours.

Madison and I decided to trade our cards in. (JR didn't make one).

Madison picked cubs fan and I took the dotted one.

Back to the hotel after a long day of traveling, walking, and very tired. Here is the window view at night.

We ate dinner in the room. We had chicago pizza for dinner and it was delish!

Day 2- Friday


We walked through Millenium Park.

We headed to the Field Muesum and it is across the street from Solider Field- Home of the Chicago Bears.

The Field Museum. Night at the Museum was filmed there.

Meet Sue. She is the worlds largest and most complete T Rex. She was named after the archiologist that found her.

We watched a neat 3d movie about Sue.
My favorite dinosaur- The Stegosaurus

I have been loving owls lately.

Check out all these porta potties!! They were getting ready for a race and had a zillion potties for the runners.

Dr OZ was in town. So bummed I missed him. We were super busy that day.

NBC. I was hoping to see some famous people . I never saw Oprah or anyone else.

We ate dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. It was a neat place. Madison liked all the animals.

Owl cookie from Starbucks.
End of day 2. Took a night picture of NBC.
Day 3- Saturday

We found a nice little grocery store. We got Madison's milk there and some other snacks.

We took the Metra to MOSI.

MOSI- Muesum of Science and Industry

Madison didn't like the lightening storm.
Baby chicks

Our poor tired sore feet. So glad I packed sneakers.
After we got back from MOSI, we walked over to Michigan Ave and did some shopping the the Famous Magificiant Mile.
Garrets Popcorn was so good!! I just had some today. We bought some to take home, but it was out of this world good when we got it. It was warm and so tasty.
It was worth the 45 min wait in line.

This steak house was delish.
The End!

Such a fun little vacation!


Blondie's Journal said...

It looks like you really enjoyed your visit to the Windy City!! Madison had grown up SO much!! Glad you came!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Grammie Linda said...

What a beautiful city I pictured it different, like N.Y on the dirty side. How do you get pants to fit those looooooooong legs. Beautiful pictures

JR said...

It was fun babes! Where next???