Friday, November 12, 2010

President Bush Visits Yesterday

JR and I attended President Bush's speech yesterday. It was great! (you can check it out below) They had a wonderful band and we bought his new book that he autographed.

I really wish I brought my camera. I thought I read no cameras, but it said no flash photography. So I could of bought it. Boo hoo!! Oh, well. Here is some pics from yesterday I found online.

The beginning of the speech is funny, but have a tissue handy for the middle!
(there is about 30 sec of bad sound, just keep watching).

(click below to watch)
Video: Former President Bush Speaks In Dayton

Our dear friend Abby watched Madison and she had a ball playing with her buddy Aden. Thanks again Abby!! xo

Here are some pics Abby sent me..... So cute!

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