Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Week in Review

It was cold and snowy. Madison all bundled up and ready to go! Getting ready to leave the house is a 10-15 minute process.

We went to a puppet show.

Will, Dom, and Madison

Fun at gymnastics. Daddy even got of work in time to watch!!

Madison LOVES pink and LOVES her Daddy. Daddy in a pink shirt was super exciting for her.

She started not wanting me to do anything with her or for her as soon as JR comes home from work. She will say... " Daddy's turn", " No Mommy Daddy do", "I want Daddy", or simply "No!!!! Dadddeeeeee!" Yeah....... she even pushed me out of the way yesterday and said "I want Daddy!"

Today she came to me with a POOPY diaper and said.... "Mommy's turn". Yeah, I feel LOVED. Thanks sweetie!

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