Friday, December 3, 2010

What have we been up to?

Besides not blogging this month..... hahaha. I am so far behind on everything, not just blogging. Poor JR was wearing MY socks last week. Lets try to catch up this blog, then I will do some laundry.

We have been so busy. The other week we had like 4 different Christmas events to go to. We are all getting over colds and it just seems like the days don't have enough hours in it. I have a fern that I am about to throw out into the snow. It is driving me crazy with the shedding. I took it inside for the winter and if I don't vacuum it everyday, I have a fern covered house. Madison thinks it is fun to collect the leaves and sprinkle them over the animals and throw them in the air (the leaves- not the pets). I started misting it it hopes it will stop losing it's leaves. If anyone has any fern secrets please share!! The house looked like a tornado hit us and I stayed up late the other night to clean. It is nearly impossible to have a perfect home with a toddler.

I am even behind on Nate episodes! lol. I like to watch them at night if I don't have time during the day. I have 5 on the tivo that are calling my name, but I thought I should update the blog first. Then I should do some laundry. Maybe Nate a I can have a date during Madison's nap time.

Here are some tid bits from the last couple of weeks.....

Madison LOVES music and anything that has to do with music! Here is Madison and her buddy Aden playing a little number the piano.

Gymnastics Class

Ginger got some new nails. She is 7yrs old and just started a new bad habit of clawing the couch. I am so glad JR found these rubber tips on Amazon. We have been using them for 3 weeks and I really like them. Ginger doesn't seem to mind them either. She has only lost 1 in the 3 weeks. I haven't even replaced it yet, because she stopped clawing.

Christmas Parties!

Library story time crafts

First thing in the morning we have to find our Elf. Here is where he has been for the past few days...... (JR usually picks his hiding place, so it is fun for me to mind him in the morning too).

Photo session to get a good Christmas card picture of all the pets and Madison..

Organizing and clipping coupons. I need to keep up with them more. I love saving money and I missed out on a few good ones last month that expired. I save $6.00 last week on contact solution.

I am working on these...

I have loved this picture from pottery barn for a while now. So over the past year I have been collecting letters when I see them on sale or clearance.

We made a gingerbread house....

I made over a dozen dozen cookies. Yes, dozens and about 14 dozen to be exact. That was a ton of cookies. A few my my friends and I did a cookie exchange and we had a little dessert party last Monday. There was talk about swaping 1/2 a dozen next year. We had double the amount of girls that wanted to do it from last year. We had a wonderful assortment of treats! The cookies make great gifts for friends and family.

I made my first diaper cake. My friend Liesel's baby shower was yesterday (more pics coming soon...) My friends Myrna did a wonderful job being photographer for the evening. I will get lots of practice with dipaer cakes next year. Our play group is getting at least 4 new additions next year and we are hoping for a couple more to add to that.....

Now off to tend to the laundry and get Madison to take her nap.

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Grammie Linda said...

WOW... I just had a wonderful 45 minutes of enjoyment. I can't wait for my next visit to see Madison doing her gymnastics..xoxoxo