Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alphabet Wall

(Pottery Barn's version)

Madison's inspired Pottery Barn alphabet wall is D.O.N.E! I actually finished it the end of December and was actually hanging it on New Years Eve. Yeah, this is what I was doing when the ball dropped.



It might be hard to see (click on the picture to make it bigger) I did a few fun things to certain letters.

B- I added a few Martha Stewart scrapbook butterflies.

F- I hot glued followers on this guy. Also, this was my first letter I bought. I found him on clearance for just .89.

P- I glued pennies on him. I got a couple rolls from Hobby Lobby cashier (my favorite craft store!) One stop shopping for all your craft needs :O)

T- He got all twined up.

Y- I used yarn for this one.

Z- I found a fun zebra print piece of scrapbook paper for that guy.


John, Rach, Gabe, and Porter said...

I love the alphabet wall! So cute! Madison asleep on the bathroom floor is pretty classic too!

Kyra said...

I LOVE that! You did a great job!

Nikkie Mac said...

This is wonderful, great job kelly!

julie said...

I really love that. One more thing I can do in our playroom. Great idea, Kelly!!!

Corin said...

I LOVE it! So cute!

Grammie Linda said...

I really think you need to send this to the Nate Show what a great job!!!! In no time Madison will know her ABC's

Anonymous said...

I need you on our staff-very creative !! What a great idea for anywhere- Miss you guys and Miss Madison..Happy New Year ! xo Bona