Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello 2011!

Instead of resolutions, I like to write out little "to do" lists for the new year. Here are some things I'd/ we'd like to accomplish this year:

1-Get pregnant with baby number 2! Hopefully this will happen in the next 3 months and we will have a baby this year too. We having been trying for a few months. It took 6 month to become pregnant with Madison, so God willing we will have a baby by the end of the year or early next year.

30 weeks pregnant with Madison

2- Get Madison out of diapers. Potty training is hard work!

3- Organize and declutter whole house

4- Get this desk D.O.N.E!!!!
I bought this on craigslist over 2 years ago. It is half sanded and most of the drawers are stained. JR pulled out his sander and was helping me this Fall, but between other projects and just being super busy these past few months we haven't have time to finish. Plus, the garage is too darn cold to work in. Not to mention it is hiding under boxes, and random other things since the car is in the garage. See you soon poor desk!

5-Tile laundry room. We have the tile, just have to do it.

6-Finish the molding edge on kitchen end of the kitchen counter and fix the ones facing the stove

7- Finish my topiary project

8- Recover the poodle lamp shades I got on clearance at TJ Maxx

9- Change scrapbook paper in frames

10- Hang frames I had to move

CHECK- DONE!!!! 11- Alphabet wall project (This one I actually finished last week, just have to post pics)

12- Seal and organize kitchen cabinets

13-Order and catch up with Madison's photo album

14- Madison's baby scrapbook

15- Madison's baby memory book

16- Sort and organize old photos

17 - Finish painting projects I have in the garage (hook plaque, number plague, owl, elephant, try, little owls, and pot)

18- Frame coral

19- Touch up paint around the house

20-Sand/ Paint white table

21-Make a wreath for the front door

22- touch up paint on door (I think our holiday wreath scratched it)

23- Organize cookbook pages that I printed out or tore out of magazines

24- Keep up with laundry!

25- Take me time, don't get so stress out and enjoy everyday.

26- Laugh more

27- Learn some new recipes. Tuesdays are now Taco Tuesdays and Friday or Saturday is homemade pizza day.

28- JR's braces will hopefully be removed soon. Then his implant for his baby tooth can get started.

I am sure I will be adding to this list, but I hope to use this to keep track and cross of the items.


Grammie Linda said...

What a lg list I like 1,2,14,15,25,26,27,and 28 the rest when you get to get to it DON'T STRESS if it takes the whole year !!!!

Grammie Linda said...

I really really like #1........

Corin said...

What a list! Yay for #1! Wishing you and your hubby lots of *babydust*!!!

Josh, Dana and Zach said...

Love the to-do list!!!! I am sure that you will be able to get everything done that you want!!!! Best of luck to you, (especially with #1)...and I am working on Molly Jayne's birth story---although from one c-section mom to another, you will be getting your own. :)