Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Training Update

Potty Training is hard work.

Last week Madison insisted in staying on the potty. I gave her a book and left the bathroom. She must of got tired because just 10-15 minutes later I found her sound asleep on the floor, lol. She loves her potty, but equally loves her diapers too.

Still working on getting rid of the diapers............

Here is what's working-

- She gets 3 for going on the potty

Stickers- Madison LOVES stickers. I am glad she only puts them on her potty chart or on paper.

Hand washing- She is a hand washer pro now.

Step stools- She loves them and her favorite is the one we have below the toilet. We picked up another small one at Ikea for the sick, but she loves to drag the other one over.

What is not working-
A few weeks ago we set the timer for ever half hour and that is when we took Madison to the potty. This worked well. We just had to go to church (we like to go Sat. evening). So, we just did it for part of the day. If I could stay home a few days or a full week and don't have to go anywhere this might work well. So I guess, just more patience and time with this one.

Last weekend we introduced her to her new hello kitty and elmo panties. JR took her every half hr to the potty but, twice in between she had an accident. These are not fun. I am glad there was a towel under her and my couch has a removable cover that I threw in the washer. No more sitting on the couch while potty training for Madison, lol.

I can handle throw up.... (I am very lucky Madison has only done this once). She hardly ever did while she was a baby. Spit is ok(for the most part I am ok with) I worked in a dental office, so I am not grossed out by saliva. Just don't spit on me. Pee and Poop. Yeah.... not loving it.

I will be so glad when this potty training stage is over!!!

They have dog training classes. I almost would pay someone to come in for a couple of days and 100% potty train Madison. For some reason this is just sooooo much harder than I thought it would be. It is not hard, just it takes more time, patience, and time than I thought it would. Yes, I know I typed time twice. Time....... this is something I wish I could add to my list of things to get. I would LOVE about 5 more hours in the day, lol.


Nikkie Mac said...

Cute! She will get it soon!

Corin said...

Yes! You need a ton of patience when potty training! Luckily, for us, Jacob has it down after 3 weeks. Madison will get it in her own time.

Good luck and remember to breath. She WILL get it soon.

Grammie Linda said...

Before you know it Madison will be potty trained 2 1/2 - 3yrs old. Tell her the new baby will be needing them...

Josh, Dana and Zach said...

Love the photo! And if you find someone willing to come in and potty train, I am willing to pay a fee too!!!!! :)