Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of February! A little (long) recap.

Good Bye Birthday Month!! I sure hope next year you will treat me better!! I had a good month. But, it could of been way better!!!

Let's recap shall we:

It started off great, except for my back pain. I hurt my back really bad. Like the worst back pain I have ever had. It started at the end of January, but went into February. It came on super quick. It started one afternoon and by the end of the day I was in tears. After a few days I went to the emergency room because I swore I had kidney stones. It turned out I just hurt my lower back and they just prescribed me some muscle relaxers and pain pills.

On the ride home I was thinking of how I hurt my back. In the past month I remembered 3 events that could of caused the pain:

It could of been from when I fell on a huge ice patch in the driveway.

Maybe it was when I was holding Madison and she quickly jerked back and I caught her. This actually happened twice on two separate days. I remember a spasm like pain in my back from one of those days.

It could of been during a yoga class when I twisted twisted funny and felt something pull in my back.

Maybe it was because I turned 29 this month and I am just getting old?

I am guessing it is a combination of all of the above.

So the back pain went away just in time for my Birthday week, but then I had another pain to deal with. It was a pain in the neck. Yeah, boy oh boy was a pain. My license was expiring so I had to get my new one. Since we switched our residency to this state because it is cheaper than our old state, I had to take a computerized drivers test. I passed that and then went on to get my license. Well, it turns out my birth certificate didn't have my gender on it, so they wouldn't excepted it. I don't have a passport so I had to go back home and wait until Monday (it was Saturday) to call my birth state and get a new birth certificate. I lost my original and I ordered the non gender replacement (by accident!) a few years ago. At the time I didn't realize I was suppose to order "a long form" to get a birth certificate with a gender. I spent a good hour on the phone figuring everything out. Then they wind up telling me I have to order it online. At least I knew which one to order this time. I received my new birth certificate a few days after my old one expired. Good thing I didn't really have any place I had to go to. I think I drove just one day without an expired license. It would of been very funny if the one time I get pulled over is on my way to get my new licence, but thankfully that didn't happen. I finally get up to the desk after waiting (not fun with a toddler). The lady at the counter asks if I took the test. I told her yes. She said it wasn't on the system. Really!? I have a cranky toddler. I can't/ don't want to retest!! She goes back and talks to her manager. She comes back and says since my license expired it wasn't in there, but she figured out/ fixed everything. FINALLY I got my license. YAY!!

Now on to the real pain in the neck. I woke up one day with a sore/ stiff neck. It turned into a constant head ache/ pain in the back of my head. Then the pain went to my ear. I thought my back pain was bad. Yeah, I think I will take that back pain again after dealing with my new pain for a few days. Not feeling well or being sick is not fun with a toddler.

On my actually Birthday (February 11th) I had a urology appt. I have been having repeat bladder infections since I was pregnant. So my dr refereed me to the urology dr to see what my problem is.

They scheduled me for a Cystoscopy on Valentines Day. This procedure was not fun! I'd rather have 20 pap's. He recommended I have a Urodynamics Test, but the machine is broken. So I am on a wait list. It could be a couple months. The thing is he doesn't want to do it if I am pregnant, but he isn't going to stop me from trying for a couple months. So well see what happens there. I am kinda hoping I will not get pregnat just so I can have this test. But, we have been trying for months, and March might be the month. Well see..... I am not worried about it either way.

Since I happened to be at the hospital I popped over to my regular drs office to see if they had an opening for me to see why my neck/head/ ear was hurting for the past few days. They say yes they do in 10 min. I sit down in the waiting room. 30 min. pass. I go up to the desk. Apparently the dr went to lunch because he didn't think he had anyone after his last patient. He was actually working out, so they had to track him down. (I am guessing this next thing would only happen at a military base). They finally seat me and the dr comes in with his workout gear. I am so embarrassed , but I don't care because I am in pain. He apologizes. I say don't worry, I am just happy he is here to see me. I apologize for interrupting his lunch. He seems to think I am fine. I seem to think I am falling apart, going crazy, and a hypochodriact. I am so sick of feeling crappy. He gives me some more muscle relaxers and tells me to take the antibiotics the urologist to me to take next time I had a badder infection. I go to the pharmacy and I only can get the drugs and only the antibiotic is in. They try to call the dr, but he is at lunch again. Blah!! So I go home. JR picks up the other pills a couple days later. I still had some muscle relaxers from my back, so I take those.

On a happier note. I thought it would be fun to get together with a few friends and go bowling for my Birthday weekend. I wasn't feeling that great, but we went and had a wonderful time. I have such wonderful friends. They were planning and baking cupcakes behind my back and turned the bowling party into a surprise Birthday Bash. We all had a fun afternoon. All the kiddos love to bowl!

Then last but not least Madison caught a cold and decided to share with us. So that is how we are ending the month.

Here's hoping to a fun filled March and the rest of the year!


Corin said...

Happy belated Birthday! And *WOW* what a month. Here's to hoping that March will be wayyy better :0)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a crazy month!!! my January was pretty similar! I swore I was dying from rib pain. thought it was my gallbladder. turns out it was nothing and is Noe gone!! hopefully you are on thevroad to recovery!!