Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meatless March {Friday March 18th} Air Force Dining out

No pictures of food, I forgot! JR did order us the chicken and meat when he bought our tickets a few weeks ago, lol. So we cheated a bit. JR ate his meat, and my chicken. I had a little bite of the chicken. I ate my vegetable mix and most of JR's and I had rice. JR had potatoes with his meat.

We had a fun date night! Huge Thank You again to our friends Shersti and Matt for taking care of Madison for the evening.

My dress is from Macy's. I took a chance and ordered it online. I love it! I'd get another in Pink or Blue if they had my size. Looks like they are out of most sizes, but keep a look out if you need a dress this spring or summer!! Runs true to size!

Shoes from Target.

My hair piece is from Whippy Cake. I have two and love them! They had a Valentine's Day Sale. I think they run sales often, so keep an eye out to get a discount code.

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