Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meatless March {Monday March 7th} Potato Gnocchi

I have never had Gnocchi (pronounced nee-oh-kee). I came across a recipe HERE. But, while I was at the grocery store I found a bag of premade ones to try. They were ok. I might try making the regular ones in the recipe above sometime. These were potato and I just used what I had in the house to make a sauce. I bet the sauce in the recipe link above would be yummy.

I just cooked them as directed on the bag. I added a little butter, olive oil, and thyme. Madison ate a few. JR thought they were ok. They are actually very filling and I couldn't even finish what was on my plate.


Liesel said...

Eric made gnocchi a couple of weeks ago and we had them with pesto. Very filling!

Grammie Linda said...

They look yummy I'll have to try them.