Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!!

Well..... Everyday should be EARTH Day!

I have been wanting to make a rain barrel for the past couple of years. Gosh, we have been having SO MUCH rain!!!! It makes me sick to think of all the water that we have wasted already.

I need to get my paws on a 50- 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel.

Sherry and John made one a couple years ago. Check it out HERE. They make it look easy, I think I can do it too!!

Better yet!!!!! JR..... Are you reading this? Of, course you are because you get blog updates via email :O) Sweetie..... next time you are bored lets make this together!! xoxo :O)


John, Rach, Gabe, and Porter said...

You can get used 55 gallon containers from the Pepsi Company in Columbus for $13.

Grammie Linda said...

great idea....