Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meatless March- Monday March 28- Thursday March 31st.

Monday- Leftovers


Wednesday- We had house church and ordered some papa john's pizza. We had cheese.

Thursday- We went out to dinner for a friend's Birthday. I had a veggie dish and JR had a tuna sandwich. He almost cheated because it was the last day, but he was good. Madison had a hamburger :O)

Yay Meatless March is over!! I am glad to finally be caught up with the posts too!!lol!! It wasn't bad at all going the month without meat. The first time I actually ate meat again..... (we had a BBQ and had hamburgers!) :O) I actually felt a little sick. I felt kinda bloaty the next day. I defiantly felt good not eating meat and I could easily be a vegetarian. I don't think I could be vegan. Sorry Nikkie!! I love cheese and dairy way too much! I do want to have meatless Mondays and try to do another meatless meat through out the week. It was a fun month. Maybe we will do it again for May!!?? Meatless May! Who is in? lol! I think we might do it again next March.

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