Saturday, May 28, 2011

Playgroup Fun at the Fire Station!

A couple weeks ago we took a tour at a local Fire Station. It was fun and the kids (and adults) enjoyed it very much!

Oh No! Emergency!

Bye Fire Truck!

Playground Time!

Fun With Grammie!

My mom visited with us over Mother's Day week. We had a fun time and did lots of fun things! The week went by too quick!

A couple pictures she took of Madison.......

We went to Kings Island. Madison is tall enough to ride most of the kiddy rides now. She loved it and had a ton of fun!

My mom rode Diamondback TWICE with JR. I went on it once (it was my 2nd time on it). It is the biggest and fastest roller coaster in the park. I was super surprised my mom rode it because he was screaming and scared on a kiddy coaster we went on, lol.

Madison LOVED these bug rides. I think it was her favorite! I think she rode on them twice.

Gymnastics Time!

Pony Rides!

Farm Animals!

JR and Madison made us a lovely Mother's Day breakfast! It was yummy!!

Zoo Time! My mom and I got in free for Mother's Day. We didn't even know they had that special, it was a nice surprise!


Ohio Caverns

Bat #1

This one looks like bacon!

Bat #2
Bat #3

Presents from Grammie.